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Warren Buffett Wants Congress to Ask Rich for their Fair Share

Warren Buffett’s New York Times Op-ed said “Stop Coddling the Super-Rich” Self-made businessman Warren Buffett is worth over $40 Billion dollars. His article in the New York Times today calls for the Super-Rich (like himself) to pay their fair share … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney says “Corporations are People” in Iowa

In Iowa Mitt Romney tries to explain to the public that “corporations are people” when asked about how he would strengthen social security, medicare and medicaid without cutting benefits. He said he could raise taxes on “people”. Then folks in … Continue reading

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Ronald Reagan Urged Congress to Raise Debt-Ceiling 18 Times

Fiscal Cat thinks it’s time to raise the debt ceiling and leave Medicare, Social Security & Medicaid alone. Photo credit: Cat by NathanF on flickr cc Ronald Reagan On Debt Ceiling: It’s the responsible and right thing to do for … Continue reading

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