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President Obama Hosts Historic Nuclear Security Summit

President Obama hosts historic Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, D.C. The original song by Jonathan Mann: How to Stop the Nuclear Menace is a nice theme song for the conference. Continue reading

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Congratulations President Obama on the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize

Geir Lundestad, Secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, said President Barack Obama “was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize because he follows very strongly the ideals of the Norwegian Nobel Committee for 108 years. So we give him this for what he has done, and we give him this to encourage him in his very important work.” Continue reading

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What Is the Best Approach to Bring Peace to Afghanistan?: Charlie Wilson has some sage advice.

What is the best way to bring peace to Afghanistan and end the recruitment of terrorists? As Charlie Wilson said in hindsight in a Washington Post article, ” If we had done the right thing in Afghanistan then — following up our military support with the necessary investments in diplomacy and development assistance — we would have better secured our own country’s future, as well as peace and stability in the region.” Continue reading

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