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Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Plants Show U.S. Danger of Nuclear Power

Will the NRC come clean about how much radiation is seeping into the United States? Could American nuclear reactors withstand similar catastrophes as Japan’s Fukushima plants? What needs to be done to insure the safety of U.S. reactors, especially those on or near earthquake fault lines? Continue reading

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Redwing blackbirds drop from sky in Arkansas, Kentucky and Louisana

What caused 5,000 Redwing blackbirds to suddenly die and fall from the sky shortly before midnight on 12/31/2010? This story has captured many people’s interest around the world. It is bizarre and true and seems to be right out of … Continue reading

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The Cat is Out of the Bag on Dangers of Cell Phone Use

Is our beloved smartphone really safe to put right next to our ear? Not according to some scientists. Can cell phone companies make their phones safer? Will they? Continue reading

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