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If GOP Shuts Down the Government will they Lose Congress in 2014?

Robert Reich on the Effects of the Sequester and What President Obama should do Now Economist Robert B. Reich says our biggest economic problem is not the U.S. Deficit because “the Federal Budget Deficit is down 5% of GDP.” Rather, … Continue reading

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The Real Causes and Fixes of U.S. Economic Woes

Robert Reich Outlines 7 Lies about the Economy Economist Robert Reich, a man of many talents, displays his economic and artistic abilities in this video as he illustrates 7 Key Lies trumpeted by the GOP about what they claim are … Continue reading

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The Debt Ceiling has been Raised 102 times since 1917

What will bring Congress together for the American people instead of political grandstanding? So, why are many Republicans, including Eric Cantor, deciding now is the time to put the entire U.S. economy in jeopardy, especially since we are still pulling out … Continue reading

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Boehner’s Tax Cuts for Wealthy 1% Like Tigers with Spots

Do Tigers have spots? Boehner’s Pledge To America is a deja-vu of Gingrich’s 1994 Contract with America, almost word for word! Where is the evidence that continuing Bush tax cuts for the top 1-2% wealthy in America will create jobs? There is no evidence. Cash rich U.S. corporations already have $1.8 trillion in cash on hand. Why aren’t they hiring more folks? They don’t want to. Instead they are hoarding the money. So why would continuing the tax cut help the economy? Don’t the top 1% already have enough money— 23.5% of all wealth in this country. What will Americans decide for the midterms? Can the electorate decipher hype and abstract talking points from real useful policies? Reality check… Continue reading

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Boehner’s Myth that Cutting Taxes for Top 1% Creates Jobs

John Boehner’s Myth that cutting taxes for the very very wealthy will create jobs is debunked by leading economists. 30 years of supply side economic policies have lead corporations to accumulate $1.8 trillion dollars in unused capital and drive down wages. Jobs will be created by putting more money into the hands of more Americans now. Continue reading

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How to Improve the Economy

What Can Be Done To Improve the U.S. Economy? In searching for answers I came across Robert Reich’s recent blog post on 9/3/2010: The Real Lesson of Labor Day. He claims there is something wrong with the structure of our economy. … Continue reading

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Robert Reich’s Touchdown Suggestions for More Jobs

It’s great that Congress just passed the $26 Billion stimulus to save jobs for educators and public employees. However, Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich thinks it is only a “punt” and making the winning touchdown to get more people back to work requires more stimulus funds. Reich offers sage advice with concrete solutions. Anybody listening? Continue reading

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Temporary Receivership of BP a Good Idea to Insure Proper Clean-up of Oil Spill

It’s time for the U.S. Government to require oil companies to have more effective oil spill remediation and leak stoppage methods in place. It’s time for President Obama to implement Robert Reich’s recommendation to put BP in temporary receivership in order to insure more effective clean-up and plugging the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico from the Deepwater Horizon BP well. Continue reading

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Why The Public Option Works

Robert Reich clearly explains in a video on You-Tube why the public option works and why cooperatives may not work as well. Reich encourages us to make our voices heard now and to stop being scared by right wing media and political pundits. Continue reading

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