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Is Scott Brown Afraid to Debate Elizabeth Warren?

Scott Brown Makes Unreasonable Demands for Conditions of Debating Elizabeth Warren Rachel Maddow tonight explained that Scott Brown would only debate Elizabeth Warren if MSNBC doesn’t host the debate and – are you ready for this:  if Ted Kennedy’s widow, … Continue reading

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Maddow Coins the Phrase “The Great Flabbergasting”

Rachel Maddow said we understand something better when it has a name. She decided to name the phenomena of whenever the Republicans propose something and then President Obama supports it, then the Republicans decide they are against the thing they … Continue reading

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Soros Agrees Markets Unable to Self-Regulate Excesses

Soros claims markets are unable to self-regulate their excesses. There is an important role for governments to play to prevent future financial crises. Mr. Soros also claims “Republicans are engaged in a maneuver of starving the beast [government] for political purposes.” Will the American public see through efforts to dismantle the good work government can do by the GOP yelling about deficits? Continue reading

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Frank Rich Says GOP Needs to Go to Glenn Beck-Style Chalkboard for ‘Splaining on Specifics

Time to Go to the Chalkboard for Details of GOP Jobs Plan   Frank Rich’s op-ed piece, “Barack Obama, Phone Home” offered these pearls of wisdom to President Obama about how to get the GOP to engage in their so-called … Continue reading

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Where Did O’Donnell Get Her Facts About the First Amendment?

Did Christine O’Donnell get her complete misunderstanding of the First Amendment from the ultra-conservative Claremont Institute? Tea Party candidates fail to understand the First Amendment of the Constitution. Continue reading

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GOP Senators Kill 240,000 Jobs while Blaming Dems

GOP Senators Kill 240,000 Jobs while blaming lack of jobs on Democrats and President Obama. Hypocrisy in action? Who should voters believe when they listen to the news? Who creates these Orwellian talking points to get people angry? Is it manipulation? How can we create jobs and who is really preventing jobs from being created now? Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren: “The Time for Hiding Tricks and Traps in the Fine Print is Over”

Elizabeth Warren Appointed to set up new Consumer Watchdog Agency Rachel Maddow- Elizabeth Warren on policing the credit industry It’s a victory for Americans that President Obama appointed Elizabeth Warren to be Special Advisor to the Treasury Secretary and Special … Continue reading

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Republican Ads Urge Congress to Halt Work until January 2011

Republican Party of “Vote No” turns into Party of “No Vote” and “No Work”. Republican ads showing up on blogs and around the internet urge congress to halt work until January 2011 after the November Election. Republicans somehow think they have a crystal ball and they already know how the election will turn out. Are they trying to “create their own reality” by placing these ads. Psyching people up? If only they could spend more time working together with Democrats on solving the most pressing problem facing Americans…Jobs, Jobs and more Jobs. Continue reading

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Nuclear Weapons To Zero ASAP

Nuclear weapons to Zero ASAP. Even former cold war architects like Sam Nunn and Henry Kissinger agree. Continue reading

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Top Oil Companies Have Same Environmental Cleanup Plan including Walruses

How is it that the top 5 oil companies have almost identical oil spill remediation non-plans that all include protecting “walruses” in the Gulf Coast? Was there a Cliff Notes environmental plan ghostwriter for BP, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell and ConocoPhillips … Continue reading

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