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Senator Lieberman – What are you Doing?

Senator Lieberman is threatening to prevent an up and down vote on Health Care Reform. Whose interests is he really serving – the people or the Health Care Insurance Industry? Is Lieberman really a democrat or is he masquerading as one? Why has Sen. Joe Lieberman abandoned his 2006 campaign promises of passing universal health care? Continue reading

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The Truth about Health Care Reform and The Public Option

Billionaires for Wealthcare Satirical Musical at AHIP Insurance Conference News Commentator Rachel Maddow reported about the guerilla musical parody of “The Sun Will Come Out” sung by members of the Billionaires for Weathcare at the lobbying group America’s Health Insurance … Continue reading

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Sen. Baucus Health Care Reform Bill Needs More Reform to Work!

77% of all Americans want the public option along side private insurance. So why did Max Baucus fail to include it in the Finance Committee Health Care Reform Bill? Will democrats support the majority of Americans on including the public option? Continue reading

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Why The Public Option Works

Robert Reich clearly explains in a video on You-Tube why the public option works and why cooperatives may not work as well. Reich encourages us to make our voices heard now and to stop being scared by right wing media and political pundits. Continue reading

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President Obama’s UPcoming Health Care Speech

President Obama’s Health Care Speech is set for next week’s special session of Congress. Will Republicans have an open mind and participate in a true bipartisan dialogue about Health Care Reform? Most people want meaningful reform. Continue reading

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Elections 2010, Health Care Reform and Karl Rove

Is there a connection between the 2010 Election, Health Care Reform and Karl Rove. Yes…and it’s important for President Obama to clearly explain to Americans in a TV fireside and simultaneous internet chat why now is the time for meaningful Health Care Reform that includes at least a public option. This post includes President John F. Kennedy’s live historic 1962 Speech at Madison Square Garden to the American public about why the time had come then for Health Care Reform. President Kennedy said that night, “The business of government is the business of the people and the people are right here.” Continue reading

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