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Mitt Romney just makes things up in his ads

Did Mitt Romney Read from Karl Rove’s Election Playbook? Make anything up you want about your opponent because most people never realize that what you say is completely false. Attack your opponent to deflect from your own weaknesses. Confuse voters … Continue reading

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Is Romney’s Education Plan all Smoke and Mirrors?

Mitt Romney claims he has an education plan, and he wants you to believe he really really cares a lot about low income folks and especially Latino voters. He talks a lot about how terrible it is that education seems … Continue reading

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Does Mitt Romney just make things up?

Mitt Romney’s speech in New Hampshire Mitt Romney seems to belong to the “create your own reality” crowd that hung around with G. W. Bush and Karl Rove a few years ago. At least that’s what it sounded like when … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney says “Corporations are People” in Iowa

In Iowa Mitt Romney tries to explain to the public that “corporations are people” when asked about how he would strengthen social security, medicare and medicaid without cutting benefits. He said he could raise taxes on “people”. Then folks in … Continue reading

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