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Can the GOP overcome their addiction to Luntzian Talking Points void of Substance?

Are the GOP Leadership Capable of Real Dialogue and Working together with their Colleagues across the Aisle and with President Obama? Americans can hope that John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor and Jon Kyl will overcome their tendency to constantly … Continue reading

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Speaker Pelosi Will Run for Minority Leader of House

Speaker Pelosi announced she will run for Minority Leader. She says Republicans attack her because of her effectiveness in passing legislation. She has ushered through over 400 pieces of legislation since becoming Speaker of the House. Obstructionist Republican tactics in the Senate have blocked much of legislation passed by Congress to date. Speaker Pelosi knows how to get things done and bring people together. She is a true Lioness of the House. Continue reading

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The American People Want Cooperation and Progress in Congress, not “We will not compromise”

Reading the Election Tea Leaves: What Do the American People Really Want and Need? It is clear that Americans want something different from Washington. What might that be? Do they want results and progress to get people back to work? Do … Continue reading

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Republican Ads Urge Congress to Halt Work until January 2011

Republican Party of “Vote No” turns into Party of “No Vote” and “No Work”. Republican ads showing up on blogs and around the internet urge congress to halt work until January 2011 after the November Election. Republicans somehow think they have a crystal ball and they already know how the election will turn out. Are they trying to “create their own reality” by placing these ads. Psyching people up? If only they could spend more time working together with Democrats on solving the most pressing problem facing Americans…Jobs, Jobs and more Jobs. Continue reading

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