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Safety Net Programs vs. Entitlement jargon: What’s in a name? Everything…

Since When did we start calling Medicare and Social Security “entitlement” programs? Have wordmeisters like Frank Luntz and Karl Rove hijacked the language to undermine Medicare and Social Security? It seems that way. Let’s start using the proper terms for … Continue reading

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Why is Congress and President Obama “Messing with Medicare”?

Paul Krugman wrote a piece published in the New York Times called “Messing with Medicare” where he questions why President Obama is contemplating raising the age of eligible Americans in order to get a deal with Republicans to raise the … Continue reading

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The Gang of Six Proposal Cuts Medicare, Social Security & Medicaid

Devil is in the Details While the bipartisan effort of the 3 democrats and 3 republicans making up the Gang of Six is a great start, what does it mean? According to Senator Bernie Sanders, (VT), the draft outline of … Continue reading

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The Repealers want to Reinstate the Horrible Donut Hole for RX

Congress just passed historic comprehensive Health Care Reform that finally closes the stupid RX donut hole. Republicans want to stop this and re-open the Donut Hole. They claim it’s “an affront to Freedom.” Who’s freedom are they talking about? Continue reading

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Pass the Health Care Bill Even if It’s Imperfect: What Would Senator Kennedy DO?

Gail Collins has it right. The Health Care Bill like The New Perils of Pauline has been tied up on the railroad tracks held hostage, not only by the Republican Senate Gang of 40, but by Snidely Whiplash Lieberman who … Continue reading

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President Obama’s UPcoming Health Care Speech

President Obama’s Health Care Speech is set for next week’s special session of Congress. Will Republicans have an open mind and participate in a true bipartisan dialogue about Health Care Reform? Most people want meaningful reform. Continue reading

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Elections 2010, Health Care Reform and Karl Rove

Is there a connection between the 2010 Election, Health Care Reform and Karl Rove. Yes…and it’s important for President Obama to clearly explain to Americans in a TV fireside and simultaneous internet chat why now is the time for meaningful Health Care Reform that includes at least a public option. This post includes President John F. Kennedy’s live historic 1962 Speech at Madison Square Garden to the American public about why the time had come then for Health Care Reform. President Kennedy said that night, “The business of government is the business of the people and the people are right here.” Continue reading

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