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Senator Sanders Exposes the Well-Funded Koch Echo Chamber

Senator Bernie Sanders Exposes the Koch Brothers PR Campaign to Attempt to Raise Age of Social Security to 70 Years Old! Why are the Koch Brothers so determined to use think tanks, the media and public officials to force their … Continue reading

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Gov. Walker RAMS through ANTI-Rights Bill in WI

WI Governor Walker and 18 State Senators turn back 50 years of worker’s rights. Is this the way democracy should operate, by eliminating worker’s rights to collective bargaining? Will State Senators be recalled as a result of their actions? Continue reading

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Fire Destroyed All 10,000 Texas Harris County Voting Machines: Accident or Arson?

Fire destroyed all 10,000 Texas Harris County Voting Machines in the August 27th Three Alarm blaze around 4:00 am at the Harris County Election Technology Center in Houston. An investigation is underway to determine the cause. Harris County voters make up 20% of all voters in Texas. How will the county handle voting for its citizens in the upcoming 2010 November elections? Continue reading

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Glenn Beck’s Bad Dream Rally for America

Does it bother you that Glenn Beck twisted the true meaning of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech?” on August 28, 2010? Glenn Beck is NOT Martin Luther King Jr. If Martin Luther King, Jr. was alive today, … Continue reading

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