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Letter to Speaker Boehner and Congress about the Sequester & March 1, 2013

Dear Speaker Boehner and Congress: What are your goals as Speaker of the House? No matter what talking points you use or grandstanding you use to try and justify possibly letting the Sequester happen, what do you think people will … Continue reading

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The Real Causes and Fixes of U.S. Economic Woes

Robert Reich Outlines 7 Lies about the Economy Economist Robert Reich, a man of many talents, displays his economic and artistic abilities in this video as he illustrates 7 Key Lies trumpeted by the GOP about what they claim are … Continue reading

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Watch Live Jobs Council Event Today, 8/31/11, 2 pm EST

Meeting of the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness Tune in now here at White House Live to see the event about how to create jobs in America now. Here is an explanation of the meeting today on the White … Continue reading

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Perry Took $17.4 Billion Obama Stimulus Funds to Help Create Jobs in Texas

Is Rick Perry Confused or a Hypocrit? Rick Perry’s Texas Jobs are ‘Gov., Stimulus’ Jobs Perry on Stimulus Funds – Oct. 15, 2010 Rick Perry hates big government and bashes the bailouts and the stimulus promoted by the Obama administration … Continue reading

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The Debt Ceiling has been Raised 102 times since 1917

What will bring Congress together for the American people instead of political grandstanding? So, why are many Republicans, including Eric Cantor, deciding now is the time to put the entire U.S. economy in jeopardy, especially since we are still pulling out … Continue reading

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Oil Executives Say they Need Subsidies while getting $100/barrel of Oil

Is it a joke? 5 Oil Executives appeared before the Senate Finance Committee to explain why they still want $2.1 billion/year subsidies from the U.S. government. This does not make sense since in 2005 when oil was $55/barrel, the oil … Continue reading

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The Epidemic of Lack of Good Education + No Jobs for Arab Youth = Terrorist Breeding Grounds

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What are the Factors that Drive Arab Youth into Terrorist Organizations?   Recently there was a report on National Public Radio from American Abroad Media (AAM) called “Overlooked and Underpaid: Arab Youth in Today’s Economy” regarding the vicious cycle of lack … Continue reading

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How Big is the Military Industrial Complex? Why does the U.S. spend 50% of all worldwide military expenditures?

The Congress is concerned about our deficit. The United States spends close to 50% of the entire world’s military expenditures. Why do we need to spend 7 times more than China and 13 times more than Russia on military issues? The U.S. spends more on military expenditures than the next 14 ranked countries combined according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). Is this excessive? Continue reading

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Obama Urges Americans to Close the Empathy Deficit

Thank you to Edwin Rutsch who left a comment on this blog about his Culture of Empathy.org website and documentary project. His website contains a historical record of President Obama’s interviews and speeches about the importance of empathy. 2004-11-23 – … Continue reading

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Obama Compromise with Republicans a Decision to Benefit All Americans

President Obama explained in his press conference today that he made a decision to work with Republicans in a compromise in order to help all Americans. He refused to allow the Republicans to hold the American people hostage for unemployment … Continue reading

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