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Waving Bears, Pre-existing Conditions and the 2012 Election

Waving Bears Having Fun These bears are adorable. Yes, they are really waving bears! I wonder what the bears are thinking when they are waving at the people in their cars. Pre-Existing Conditions and Obamacare Thomas Friedman wrote an interesting … Continue reading

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Senator Lieberman – What are you Doing?

Senator Lieberman is threatening to prevent an up and down vote on Health Care Reform. Whose interests is he really serving – the people or the Health Care Insurance Industry? Is Lieberman really a democrat or is he masquerading as one? Why has Sen. Joe Lieberman abandoned his 2006 campaign promises of passing universal health care? Continue reading

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Congress Passed Resolution Against Rep. Joe Wilson’s “You Lie” Breach of House Decorum Rules

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution 240 to 179 disapproving Rep. Joe Wilson’s violation of House Rules Code of Conduct when he unceremoniously shouted “You Lie!” to the President during a national televised speech at a jt. session of congress. Wilson had ample time to apologize to the House for his uncivil behavior towards President Obama during his nationwide speech on Health Care Reform. The resolution admonishing Wilson’s uncivil actions is solely to uphold well-established Rules of Decorum instituted by the House in 1909. Wilson violated those rules and should be properly called out for doing so. Continue reading

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Senator Edward Kennedy: A Lion of the Senate and of the People

Senator Edward Kennedy was a true Lion of the Senate. He fought hard for the sake of all people in America as a tireless public servant. He spoke out boldly whenever it was necessary. He will be greatly missed. Continue reading

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Elections 2010, Health Care Reform and Karl Rove

Is there a connection between the 2010 Election, Health Care Reform and Karl Rove. Yes…and it’s important for President Obama to clearly explain to Americans in a TV fireside and simultaneous internet chat why now is the time for meaningful Health Care Reform that includes at least a public option. This post includes President John F. Kennedy’s live historic 1962 Speech at Madison Square Garden to the American public about why the time had come then for Health Care Reform. President Kennedy said that night, “The business of government is the business of the people and the people are right here.” Continue reading

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