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Romney’s Odd Hotheaded Comments about Foreign Policy Reveal his Inexperience

Romney’s Negative Political Maneuvering What was Mitt Romney thinking when he angrily accused President Obama of things that President Obama never said or did? Romney seems to be reading from a script that uses certain hot-button key words meant to … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Senator Kyl to Ratify the START Treaty Now

An Open Letter to Senator Jon Kyl: Dear Senator Kyl please join together with Republican Senator Lugar and ratify the New START Treaty as soon as possible in this current session of Congress. This Treaty has broad bipartisan support amongst military leaders and foreign policy experts of both parties. This Treaty will make the U.S. safer and promote peaceful relations between the U.S. and Russia in reducing the threat of nuclear weapons that affects all people around the world. Do the right thing by putting aside petty partisan politics and fearmongering and pass this treaty now. Continue reading

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What Is the Best Approach to Bring Peace to Afghanistan?: Charlie Wilson has some sage advice.

What is the best way to bring peace to Afghanistan and end the recruitment of terrorists? As Charlie Wilson said in hindsight in a Washington Post article, ” If we had done the right thing in Afghanistan then — following up our military support with the necessary investments in diplomacy and development assistance — we would have better secured our own country’s future, as well as peace and stability in the region.” Continue reading

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