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The Blogosphere Wars on Truth about Nonexistent “Voter Fraud”

There is an unusual amount of misinformation on various wordpress blogs and around the internet about the dangers of “voter fraud.” Virtually nonexistent “voter fraud” is being used to rig the upcoming 2012 election by suppressing the vote through passage … Continue reading

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Update on Repressive Voter ID Laws in U.S.

The Fraud of Voter Fraud continues… The Brennan Center for Justice reports that more states have passed and implemented unnecessary voter ID laws. This map shows where there are voter ID laws and the type of ID required. Where have … Continue reading

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The Fraud of Voter Fraud: A Fairytale

Once upon a time Karl Rove decided he had to find a way to narrow the margin between democratic and republican voters forever and ever because he had a big big dream. He wanted to make sure that there would … Continue reading

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Uncounted: The Movie is a Must See for All Voters

“Uncounted: The New Math of Elections” will open your eyes as a voter in America. Everyone should see this movie, especially the candidates running in the elections so they know that if they call for a recount, it is in the … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Exit Polls 7 points Different from Machine-Counted Vote…Why?

Are Election Dirty Tricks at Play in Wisconsin? Would Hand-Counting the Vote in Wisconsin Show a Different Result? Why is there a major difference of 7 points between Exit Polls and the machine-scanned ballots in Wisconsin’s June 5, 2012 Recall … Continue reading

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Dept. of Justice Demands Florida Governor End Flawed Purge of 182,000 Voters

Time to Stop Florida’s 2012 Election Voter Purges Targeting Minorities and Democrats like the Florida 2000 Election Voter Purges Did someone say Deja Vu? Let’s stop this Deja Vu of voter roll purges taken from Karl Rove’s playbook It’s ridiculous … Continue reading

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Waving Bears, Pre-existing Conditions and the 2012 Election

Waving Bears Having Fun These bears are adorable. Yes, they are really waving bears! I wonder what the bears are thinking when they are waving at the people in their cars. Pre-Existing Conditions and Obamacare Thomas Friedman wrote an interesting … Continue reading

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Has Stealing the Vote Begun by Purging Voters from U.S. Voting Rolls?

While Karl Rove and others complain about non-existent “voter fraud” where someone supposedly uses another person’s name to vote or where non-U.S. citizens supposedly attempt to vote (which would be pretty stupid to do), the real election fraud happens through … Continue reading

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Is Romney’s Education Plan all Smoke and Mirrors?

Mitt Romney claims he has an education plan, and he wants you to believe he really really cares a lot about low income folks and especially Latino voters. He talks a lot about how terrible it is that education seems … Continue reading

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The Future of America and Dancing Chihuahas

This is so cute: A salsa dancing chihuaha. Now that you are relaxed and had a good laugh or at least cracked a smile, hopefully, we can discuss another topic: How to Bring this Country Together The people must stand … Continue reading

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