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Voter Suppression 101: Eliminating Voters to Game the Vote?

It’s a sad commentary on America when mostly Republican controlled states are racing to pass more and more restrictive voting laws to make it harder for people to register to vote and to actually vote. Hiding behind a virtually non-existent … Continue reading

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Is Scott Brown Afraid to Debate Elizabeth Warren?

Scott Brown Makes Unreasonable Demands for Conditions of Debating Elizabeth Warren Rachel Maddow tonight explained that Scott Brown would only debate Elizabeth Warren if MSNBC doesn’t host the debate and – are you ready for this:  if Ted Kennedy’s widow, … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney just makes things up in his ads

Did Mitt Romney Read from Karl Rove’s Election Playbook? Make anything up you want about your opponent because most people never realize that what you say is completely false. Attack your opponent to deflect from your own weaknesses. Confuse voters … Continue reading

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