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Is Romney’s Education Plan all Smoke and Mirrors?

Mitt Romney claims he has an education plan, and he wants you to believe he really really cares a lot about low income folks and especially Latino voters. He talks a lot about how terrible it is that education seems … Continue reading

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The Epidemic of Lack of Good Education + No Jobs for Arab Youth = Terrorist Breeding Grounds

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What are the Factors that Drive Arab Youth into Terrorist Organizations?   Recently there was a report on National Public Radio from American Abroad Media (AAM) called “Overlooked and Underpaid: Arab Youth in Today’s Economy” regarding the vicious cycle of lack … Continue reading

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President Obama Highlights Importance of Education to Win the Future of America

President Obama gave his State of the Union Speech Tonight, 1/25/11 and urged Americans to Win the Future “We do big things. From the earliest days of our founding, America has been the story of ordinary people who dare to … Continue reading

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How to Improve the Economy

What Can Be Done To Improve the U.S. Economy? In searching for answers I came across Robert Reich’s recent blog post on 9/3/2010: The Real Lesson of Labor Day. He claims there is something wrong with the structure of our economy. … Continue reading

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President Obama Gave an Encouraging Speech to Students

President Obama gave an encouraging speech of hope and responsibility to America’s school children today. Even Jim Greer, GOP chairman in Florida, after finally reading the speech recanted his earlier criticism of it and said “It’s a good speech, I’d let my kids watch it.” Unfortunately for some parents, who were caught on video crying and fearful about the speech in the days before President Obama delivered it due to the constant strident voices from uninformed political pundits and media personalities–including Jim Greer, their children missed the speech. That is the price their children paid for their parents misplaced crazed fear that their president might indoctrinate young people. The reality of the written speech and President Obama’s actual delivery of the speech proved the right wing pundits completely wrong about their deliberate mischaracterization of it. Continue reading

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A Majority of Parents Want President Obama To Speak to Their Children

A majority of parents actually want President Obama to speak to their children to encourage them to work hard and stay in school. Republicans like Newt Gingrich are also in favor of President Obama’s stay in school speech to students. However, certain internet forums are awash with a small minority of people complaining about the fact that the President of the United States wants to encourage school children to get a good education. Is the frenzy being whipped up by astroturf organizations trying to create an appearance of opposition to President Obama? Continue reading

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