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Can the GOP overcome their addiction to Luntzian Talking Points void of Substance?

Are the GOP Leadership Capable of Real Dialogue and Working together with their Colleagues across the Aisle and with President Obama? Americans can hope that John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor and Jon Kyl will overcome their tendency to constantly … Continue reading

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Democracy = Every Eligible Citizen Votes November 2010

A true Democracy works when everyone fulfills their civic duty voluntarily by voting. The 2010 midterm elections are an important time for people of all stripes to get out and vote. The Coffee Party USA urges everyone, regardless of party affiliation, to come together in a more reasoned cooperative approach by urging politicians to work together instead of being obstructionist. The November election is an opportunity to break the log jam, especially when it comes to decisions about stimulating jobs and not returning to failed policies that got us into our current mess before 2009. Continue reading

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Historic Middle East Peace Process Begins

Historic Mideast talks began in Washington D.C. on September 1, 2010 between Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. President Obama said: “It is the path of resolve and determination, where compromise is possible, and old conflicts, at long last, can end.” Continue reading

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President Obama Hosts Historic Nuclear Security Summit

President Obama hosts historic Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, D.C. The original song by Jonathan Mann: How to Stop the Nuclear Menace is a nice theme song for the conference. Continue reading

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Congratulations President Obama on the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize

Geir Lundestad, Secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, said President Barack Obama “was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize because he follows very strongly the ideals of the Norwegian Nobel Committee for 108 years. So we give him this for what he has done, and we give him this to encourage him in his very important work.” Continue reading

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