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Why is Congress and President Obama “Messing with Medicare”?

Paul Krugman wrote a piece published in the New York Times called “Messing with Medicare” where he questions why President Obama is contemplating raising the age of eligible Americans in order to get a deal with Republicans to raise the … Continue reading

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Soros Agrees Markets Unable to Self-Regulate Excesses

Soros claims markets are unable to self-regulate their excesses. There is an important role for governments to play to prevent future financial crises. Mr. Soros also claims “Republicans are engaged in a maneuver of starving the beast [government] for political purposes.” Will the American public see through efforts to dismantle the good work government can do by the GOP yelling about deficits? Continue reading

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How Big is the Military Industrial Complex? Why does the U.S. spend 50% of all worldwide military expenditures?

The Congress is concerned about our deficit. The United States spends close to 50% of the entire world’s military expenditures. Why do we need to spend 7 times more than China and 13 times more than Russia on military issues? The U.S. spends more on military expenditures than the next 14 ranked countries combined according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). Is this excessive? Continue reading

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