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PA Voter ID Law Could Disenfranchise Over 750,000 Legal Voters

Are Republicans Undermining the Civil Right for U.S. Citizens to Cast a Vote? There you have it. The fraud of voter fraud could end up disenfranchising millions of people nationwide from being able to cast a vote in the 2012 … Continue reading

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Gov. Walker RAMS through ANTI-Rights Bill in WI

WI Governor Walker and 18 State Senators turn back 50 years of worker’s rights. Is this the way democracy should operate, by eliminating worker’s rights to collective bargaining? Will State Senators be recalled as a result of their actions? Continue reading

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Did Voter Fraud News in Shelby County, TN 18 Days before August 2010 Election Create Voter Intimidation?

Will the Department of Justice investigate possible voter intimidation of voters erroneously told they had already voted due to wrong information in the Shelby County TN electronic poll book? Did the Shelby County District Attorney General Bill Gibbons and the Shelby County Election Commission create a hostile atmosphere where voters might be afraid of being accused or arrested for “voter fraud”? Continue reading

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