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The Future of America and Dancing Chihuahas

This is so cute: A salsa dancing chihuaha. Now that you are relaxed and had a good laugh or at least cracked a smile, hopefully, we can discuss another topic: How to Bring this Country Together The people must stand … Continue reading

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The Role of the Chief Justice and the Roberts Court

The Roberts Court is the most conservative court in decades. A recent NYT column by Adam Liptak claims Chief Justice Roberts Court is far to the right of even more conservative courts in U.S. history. In Senate confirmation hearings Roberts claimed a justice was just like an “umpire.” However, Roberts has been part of a court that recently overturned 103 years of settled law with the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (FEC) case. The Courts 5:4 decision that split across partisan lines could potentially affect the outcome of the November 2010 election by allowing corporations to pay for political ads up to the day of the election with unlimited funds. Even though unions also have the same ability to fund political ads, the key is, who has the deeper pockets? Corporations of course… Continue reading

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