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Letter to Speaker Boehner and Congress about the Sequester & March 1, 2013

Dear Speaker Boehner and Congress: What are your goals as Speaker of the House? No matter what talking points you use or grandstanding you use to try and justify possibly letting the Sequester happen, what do you think people will … Continue reading

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Why is Congress and President Obama “Messing with Medicare”?

Paul Krugman wrote a piece published in the New York Times called “Messing with Medicare” where he questions why President Obama is contemplating raising the age of eligible Americans in order to get a deal with Republicans to raise the … Continue reading

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Is Political Neuromarketing the New Orwellian Brainwashing of American Voters?

The Neuromarketing of American Elections 2010   An article appeared on the Fast Company website by Kevin Randall entitled, “How Neuromarketers Tapped the Vote Button in Your Brain to Help the GOP Win the House.” This is real stuff. Neuromarketing … Continue reading

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The American People Want Cooperation and Progress in Congress, not “We will not compromise”

Reading the Election Tea Leaves: What Do the American People Really Want and Need? It is clear that Americans want something different from Washington. What might that be? Do they want results and progress to get people back to work? Do … Continue reading

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Boehner’s Tax Cuts for Wealthy 1% Like Tigers with Spots

Do Tigers have spots? Boehner’s Pledge To America is a deja-vu of Gingrich’s 1994 Contract with America, almost word for word! Where is the evidence that continuing Bush tax cuts for the top 1-2% wealthy in America will create jobs? There is no evidence. Cash rich U.S. corporations already have $1.8 trillion in cash on hand. Why aren’t they hiring more folks? They don’t want to. Instead they are hoarding the money. So why would continuing the tax cut help the economy? Don’t the top 1% already have enough money— 23.5% of all wealth in this country. What will Americans decide for the midterms? Can the electorate decipher hype and abstract talking points from real useful policies? Reality check… Continue reading

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