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Does Mitt Romney just make things up?

Mitt Romney’s speech in New Hampshire Mitt Romney seems to belong to the “create your own reality” crowd that hung around with G. W. Bush and Karl Rove a few years ago. At least that’s what it sounded like when … Continue reading

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Is James O’Keefe’s secret recording of NPR Employees Junk Journalism?

Strategies of Junk Journalism from James O’Keefe and friends Today, James O’Keefe and his blog released a secretly taped 44-minute telephone conversation on You-Tube which is Part II of the deliberate attempt of O’Keefe to undermine the public’s view of … Continue reading

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Fox News Deceptive Coverage of CPAC 2011 Straw Poll Vote for 2012 Election Frontrunner

Proof that Fox News Creates its Own Phony Reality and Claims its Real News Here are You-tube videos showing news coverage by Fox News of the 2011 CPAC conference and unfiltered coverage of the 2010 CPAC coverage: Busted:Fox News CPAC … Continue reading

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