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Scott Brown Lies and Claims Rachel Maddow Will Run Against him for Senate

Scott Brown shows he is a real liar. Brown claims Rachel Maddow is running against him for Senate in 2012. This is only a ploy for him to try to raise money for his own campaign. If Scott Brown lies about this on TV and radio, what else will he lie about? Continue reading

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Elections 2010, Health Care Reform and Karl Rove

Is there a connection between the 2010 Election, Health Care Reform and Karl Rove. Yes…and it’s important for President Obama to clearly explain to Americans in a TV fireside and simultaneous internet chat why now is the time for meaningful Health Care Reform that includes at least a public option. This post includes President John F. Kennedy’s live historic 1962 Speech at Madison Square Garden to the American public about why the time had come then for Health Care Reform. President Kennedy said that night, “The business of government is the business of the people and the people are right here.” Continue reading

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