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Ohio SOS Jon Husted: Uncertified “Experimental Software Patches” & Provisional Ballot Controversies

Is this a deja vu? It seems that current GOP Secretary of State Jon Husted in 2012 is taking a page from former Ohio GOP Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell’s playbook from the disastrous 2004 Ohio election. In the Ohio … Continue reading

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Romney’s Odd Hotheaded Comments about Foreign Policy Reveal his Inexperience

Romney’s Negative Political Maneuvering What was Mitt Romney thinking when he angrily accused President Obama of things that President Obama never said or did? Romney seems to be reading from a script that uses certain hot-button key words meant to … Continue reading

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SMARTech, Boss Rove and the 2004 and 2012 Ohio Elections

DEMOCRACY NOW! interviewed author Craig Unger who wrote the book: Boss Rove: Inside Karl Rove’s Secret Kingdom of Power Craig Unger explains how in 2004 former Ohio GOP Secretary of State Ken Blackwell employed SMARTech (owned by Averbeck) together with … Continue reading

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Ohio Elections In the Spotlight

The Continuing Saga of Voting in Ohio Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman wrote about the Ohio Election Debacle of 2004 and have been vigilent ever since to insure that Ohio elections are fair and honest. However, in a recent article … Continue reading

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Update on Repressive Voter ID Laws in U.S.

The Fraud of Voter Fraud continues… The Brennan Center for Justice reports that more states have passed and implemented unnecessary voter ID laws. This map shows where there are voter ID laws and the type of ID required. Where have … Continue reading

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Is Dick Cheney Blamer and Complainer in Chief in his New Memoir?

Former Vice President Dick Cheney refuses to apologize or take responsibility for things that went wrong under his and G. W. Bush’s administration between 2001-2009: Costly Iraq War started under false pretenses Economic Crisis due to inability of Wall Street … Continue reading

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Maddow Coins the Phrase “The Great Flabbergasting”

Rachel Maddow said we understand something better when it has a name. She decided to name the phenomena of whenever the Republicans propose something and then President Obama supports it, then the Republicans decide they are against the thing they … Continue reading

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Warren Buffett Wants Congress to Ask Rich for their Fair Share

Warren Buffett’s New York Times Op-ed said “Stop Coddling the Super-Rich” Self-made businessman Warren Buffett is worth over $40 Billion dollars. His article in the New York Times today calls for the Super-Rich (like himself) to pay their fair share … Continue reading

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Boehner talks about being “Serious” about Budget Plan but is he playing Edward’s Game?

Boehner walks out on Budget Talks Today…Here’s what is really going on: Can Boehner and the people he claims he represents get beyond party politics? Negotiation 101: In an optimal negotiation both sides listen to each other’s point of view … Continue reading

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The Debt Ceiling has been Raised 102 times since 1917

What will bring Congress together for the American people instead of political grandstanding? So, why are many Republicans, including Eric Cantor, deciding now is the time to put the entire U.S. economy in jeopardy, especially since we are still pulling out … Continue reading

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