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Meanwhile Back in the Jungle

Great Kookamooga the Iowa Caucuses are finally over and we can move on to more important things like protecting the vote for everyone and creating real jobs for Americans through a new Works Progress Administration like Thomas Franks suggests in his piece “More Government Please” in the December 2011 Harper’s Magazine… Continue reading

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Happy Holidays Everyone and Good Cheer & Harmony to All

  Today is Christmas. It is both a religious holiday and a cultural holiday. We celebrate together with our friends and family, showing appreciation and giving to one another regardless of our religious beliefs. Today I listened to NPR’s radio … Continue reading

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Zoe Keating Cellist Extraordinaire and Techno-Artist

I came across Zoe Keating’s music by chance. I’m glad I did. Her music is inspirational and beautiful. See for yourself. I’m including various videos of her playing her own pieces. Enjoy and tell me what you think. Zoe Keating … Continue reading

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President Obama Hosts Historic Nuclear Security Summit

President Obama hosts historic Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, D.C. The original song by Jonathan Mann: How to Stop the Nuclear Menace is a nice theme song for the conference. Continue reading

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