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The Scandal about Misleading Talking Points on Benghazi

2016 is only 4 years away yet some talking point folks are busy busy creating misleading talking points for the public about emails from the State Department Here is a link to an article, “GOP Sources Altered Benghazi E-Mails To … Continue reading

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The Epidemic of Lack of Good Education + No Jobs for Arab Youth = Terrorist Breeding Grounds

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What are the Factors that Drive Arab Youth into Terrorist Organizations?   Recently there was a report on National Public Radio from American Abroad Media (AAM) called “Overlooked and Underpaid: Arab Youth in Today’s Economy” regarding the vicious cycle of lack … Continue reading

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Common Ground in the Senate before Christmas to Pass the START Treaty

The New START Treaty is another step on the path to sanity by reducing nuclear arsenals within the U.S. and Russia. It’s time for U.S. Senators to come together for the sake of all Americans to create a safer world by passing the New START Treaty in 2010. Continue reading

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“Fair Game” a Must-See Film about the Outing of Valerie Plame and Abuse of Power

Valerie Plame, True-Life Jane Bond in Stopping Nuclear Proliferation Valerie Plame risked her life for her country for over 20 years while working for the CIA as a covert counter-proliferation operative. She moved throughout the middle east as a non-official … Continue reading

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Historic Middle East Peace Process Begins

Historic Mideast talks began in Washington D.C. on September 1, 2010 between Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. President Obama said: “It is the path of resolve and determination, where compromise is possible, and old conflicts, at long last, can end.” Continue reading

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