Silly Politicians: Eric Cantor wants to End Overtime for Hourly Workers

I just read a blog about how Rep. Eric Cantor is going to recommend ending the ability of hourly workers to get overtime.

Games Silly Politicians Play

The Daily Kos reports about Mr. Cantor’s very ridiculous waste of time in trying to pass a federal law to end overtime for hourly workers. Why would anyone want to end overtime for hourly workers? It is purely Games Silly Politicians Play.

Doesn’t Eric Cantor have anything better to do than try and find ways to cheat hard-working folks out of pay they deserve for work done beyond working 40 hours/week or on holidays?

Why is Eric Cantor trying to find ways to take money away from people and turn back Fair Labor Standards? Shouldn’t he be trying to find ways to create more jobs and help more people make money than just the top 1%?

Something is wrong with Congress when the GOP majority party in the House keeps looking backwards while trying to walk forward.

This is what walking backwards into the future looks like. Congress better wake up soon to save our economy from the sequester damage

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