Romney’s Odd Hotheaded Comments about Foreign Policy Reveal his Inexperience

Foreign Policy Cat is shocked by Mitt Romney's Missteps on Foreign Policy Issues. Photo Credit: 365 x 19 Cat Posing by david masters on flickr cc

Foreign Policy Cat is shocked by Mitt Romney’s Missteps on Foreign Policy Issues. Photo Credit: 365 x 19 Cat Posing by david masters on flickr cc

Romney’s Negative Political Maneuvering

What was Mitt Romney thinking when he angrily accused President Obama of things that President Obama never said or did? Romney seems to be reading from a script that uses certain hot-button key words meant to rile-up his base. Mitt Romney’s recent inflammatory comments about the Obama’s administration’s response to the attacks on the Libyan and Egyptian U.S. diplomatic missions appeared to be political grandstanding.

Even Republican foreign policy experts were shocked at Romney’s strange attack on President Obama.

On PBS, Nicholas Burns, Former U.S. Ambassador who served both Republican and Democratic administrations said he watched President Obama’s response to the tragic attacks on the U.S. Libyan Consulate and the U.S. Egyptian Embassy. He said President Obama, “in no way shape or form apologized.” …

“I don’t think it was right for Governor Romney to have jumped in before he knew all the facts.”

Mitt Romney’s Foreign Policy Blunder

President Obama stated on September 12, 2012 in response to Romney’s inappropriate comments:

“Governor Romney seems to have a tendency to shoot first and aim later. And as President, one of the things I’ve learned is that you can’t do that.”

Scott Galupo in an article from The American Conservative stated in his article, “The First Unmistakable Sign of Panic from the Romney Campaign”:

“The Romney campaign’s reaction to the attacks on U.S. diplomatic missions in Egypt and Libya was, as Daniel Larison says, “hasty and stupid.”

Romney’s Preliminary Foreign Policy Team Would Return to NeoCon Days of G. W. Bush

An article by Alex Kane on Alternet, “Mitt Romney’s Dangerous Foreign Policy Team: Nostalgic for Bush, Hellbent on War with Iran” clearly shows that Romney’s foreign policy approach and prospective team would most likely return to an outdated and dangerous cold war mentality:

“The most striking aspect of Romney’s approach to foreign policy is its lack of creativity — its brazen willingness to recycle Bush-era talking points, attitudes, and of course personnel,” said Peter Certo, a researcher at Right Web, a project of the Institute for Policy Studies. “A Romney administration would be a fresh canvas for the neocons to paint on.”

In a recent speech about foreign policy Romney claimed he would utilize military might. It appears that his world view is all about hard power with the idea that the United States should arrogantly utilize its big guns to push its interests.

Balanced Foreign Policy requires Wisdom, Courage and Diplomatic Skills

A healthy relationship with foreign countries and its peoples around the world requires an ability to use wisdom, courage, diplomacy and what is characterized as “smart” power.

Based on Romney’s recent foreign policy statements including his bizarre comments about Russia being the biggest threat to the U.S., it is clear that Romney would take the U.S. back to the 20th Century and a cold war strategy of foreign policy.

We are in the 21st Century and we have new challenges. We need leaders capable of bringing people together and focusing on the importance of dialogue and diplomacy over the outdated idea that “might makes right”.

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