The Continuing Saga of the Fraud…of “Voter Fraud”

Election Integrity Cat wants to find the smelly fishy voter ID Laws smelling up the Election Process. Photo Credit: Cat Looking for Supper by Felinest on flickr cc

Election Integrity Cat wants to find the smelly fishy voter ID Laws fouling up the Election Process. Photo Credit: Cat Looking for Supper by Felinest on flickr cc

There is a great need to remind Americans of a more factual reality about our election system, a reality that is fact-based instead of a made-up talking point reality out of the brain of Karl Rove, Frank Luntz and company. As Kevin Drum from Mother Jones reports in his article “The Dog That Voted and Other Election Fraud Yarns,” this is “The GOP’s 10-year campaign to gin up voter fraud hysteria – and bring back Jim Crow at the ballot box.”

The Truth about Voter ID is that more Republicans have it than Democrats. Getting the documents to get proper Voter ID is expensive and time consuming and near impossible for those folks who never received a birth certificate, especially people who are minorities from the South.

Karl Rove and others crunched the numbers. The various tactics to win an election for Republicans now include making it more difficult “legally” for Americans who are not Republicans to vote. What better way than to hide behind the false idea that “voter fraud” is the big bad wolf messing up elections and all we have to do is get everyone to show a specific kind of voter id to prove they are really honest to goodness Americans.

Homer Simpson Tries to Vote with an Electronic Voting Machine

These politicians and pundits claim “everyone” should already have photo id. However, they know that many people have lived their lives without photo id, and they have voted without these photo ids for decades. For someone with a car, a bank account, and who owns their own home, getting photo i.d. between jetting overseas is a piece of cake. However, for someone who rents an apartment, uses public transportation and doesn’t have a bank account, photo i.d. is nonexistent. Discrimination via voter id laws eliminates millions of people nationwide from exercising their “freedom” as an American citizen to vote. The fix is in and certain media like Fox News are helping to brainwash people to vote against their own interests.

We are in 2012 and yet it seems people in America are getting more and more stupid. Otherwise, how could so many states pass repressive voter i.d. laws, repressive registration laws and repressive laws that cut back on early voting days? You would think that in the 21st century we would have advanced both technologically and as civilized human beings on this planet. Yet, there are some people misusing technology to hoodwink the public into thinking there is a problem called “voter fraud.”

What is even more astounding is that people actually buy into the hype of “voter fraud.”

Karl Rove, the GOP and “Voter Fraud”?

Remember the story of the boy who cried wolf?  There was a little boy who wanted a lot of attention and he cried wolf to get everyone upset when there was no wolf at all. Is that what is going on with the nonexistent miniscule problem of so-called “voter fraud?”

Yes, precisely that is what is going on. The Brennan Center reveals The Truth About Voter Fraud.

Why is the GOP so intent on Suppressing the Vote for Certain Americans?

League of Women Voters: Motor Voter Act

The GOP have consistently tried to prevent people from having easy access to voting. For example, the Motor/Voter laws that encourage people who get their licenses to also be able to simultaneously register to vote – it’s a good thing right — because government is encouraging voters to participate in the process of governing by registering to vote.

Voter Suppression: Wisconsin GOP To Close 10 Motor Vehicle Divisions in Democratic Strongholds

USA – Vote Rigging and Suppression of Elections By Purging Incorrectly Voter Rolls

However, why is it that the people who primarily oppose Motor/Voter Registration are Republicans? Is there a pattern here? If the GOP like “freedom” then shouldn’t they also want people to be able to exercise their “freedom” by being able to vote?

The Talking Point of “Freedom” invoked by GOP & their Pundits

If you videotape a show from Fox News or from any right wing radio host or from anyone pontificating about the importance of voter ID laws to protect our “freedom,” you will find that the word “freedom” is perhaps used at least once or twice in every sentence spoken by the news pundit or politician. The word “freedom” like the word “uh” or “mm” has become a word uttered at every opportunity by these pundits and politicians. It is is as if they are compelled to say this word or they fear people will not think they are patriotic.

Sh*t Politicians Say

The “Freedom” Talking Point Syndrome Disorder

Perhaps we could call this the “freedom talking point syndrome disorder.” This would be similar to how Rudy Guiliani felt compelled (and perhaps still feels compelled) to insert “911” into every other word he uttered about anything — especially when he was running for President.

Do these politicians think that people are so stupid that they will immediately believe that person just because they utter the word “freedom”?

What are your opinions about the “Freedom talking point disorder” and the virtually non-existent “voter fraud”?

George Carlin Explains Language and Lying Politicians and Words

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