The Fraud of Voter Fraud: A Fairytale

Election integrity cat and dog know that voter fraud is a great big hoax to pass horrible laws across the U.S. to suppress the vote of minorities, young people, elderly, Indpendents and Democrats. Photo Credit: JR with Jerry by elsie esq. on fickr cc

Election integrity cat and dog know that voter fraud is a great big hoax to pass horrible laws across the U.S. to suppress the vote of minorities, young people, elderly, Indpendents and Democrats. Photo Credit: JR with Jerry by elsie esq. on fickr cc

Once upon a time Karl Rove decided he had to find a way to narrow the margin between democratic and republican voters forever and ever because he had a big big dream. He wanted to make sure that there would be a Republican majority in power always…

Little Karl thought night and day, day and night about what he would do to win the election for his best pal, G. W. Bush in 2000.

It dawned on Karl that he was able to win his own election as College Republican president in his college days by constantly changing the rules of the election. Nicholas Lehman wrote an article called “The Controller: Karl Rove is working to get George Bush reelected, but he has bigger plans” about Karl Rove’s big goals.

Karl was able to change the rules so much that when there was a tie between him and his opponent, fellow Republican, Robert Edgeworth, the person who broke the tie was George Herbert Walker Bush. George H. W. Bush was the Republican National Chairman (RNC) in 1973 and therefore the person tapped to look into the College Republican election called the “Lake of the Ozarks Affair.”

Here is the excerpt from Nicholas Lehman’s article about Karl Rove, “The Controller”:

A campaign for the College Republican chairmanship was a serious matter; Rove left his job as executive director in order to spend five months, without pay, campaigning full time. (Rove was consumed with College Republicans for so many years that he didn’t spend much time actually going to college; he never graduated.) Rove and his chief assistant, Lee Atwater, later another famous hardball-playing Republican strategist, drove across the South lining up delegate support. Meanwhile, Terry Dolan and Bob Edgeworth decided to form a ticket, with Edgeworth as chair and Dolan as vice-chair. So it became a two-man race: Edgeworth versus Rove.

The national convention was in June, in the mountain resort of Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. All through the late spring, Edgeworth and Dolan were hearing stories about the Rove forces staging credentials challenges at state and regional conventions, using some technical pretext. Shortly after the Midwest regional convention, for example, according to Edgeworth, the Rove forces, in order to justify the unseating of the Edgeworth delegates on procedural grounds, produced a version of the Midwestern College Republicans’ constitution which differed significantly from the constitution that the Edgeworth forces were using. The net result of all the challenges was that a number of states sent two competing delegates to Lake of the Ozarks, one pledged to Edgeworth, the other to Rove, each claiming to be legitimate. Then the meeting of the credentials committee, before the convention itself, turned into a donnybrook. Edgeworth told me that when the Southern regional chair of the College Republicans, who was officially uncommitted, cast his first pro-Edgeworth vote in one of the credentials disputes, a Rove person left the room for a minute. After he returned, another Rove person announced that a different person was actually the Southern regional chair, and proposed and passed a resolution to have Southern Regional Chair No. 1 thrown out. It went on like that until morning, with the person running Rove’s convention operations, John Zemaitis, an ostensibly above-the-fray Republican figure from Illinois, secreted in a room at a Holiday Inn in Jefferson City, thirty miles away. “It was so raw,” one venerable College Republican figure told me, shaking his head wonderingly at the memory. In the end, there were two votes, conducted by two convention chairs, and two winners—Rove and Edgeworth, each of whom delivered an acceptance speech. After the convention broke up, both Edgeworth and Rove appealed to the Republican National Committee, each contending that he was the new College Republican chairman.

The R.N.C. had a relatively unseasoned chairman: George Herbert Walker Bush, a man thought to be on the downhill slope of a once promising political career. Bush was a former member of the United States House of Representatives who had lost two successive Senate races in Texas, in 1964 and 1970, and then accepted an assignment that did not seem very stature-enhancing, as the public face of the R.N.C. during the Watergate scandal. During the summer of 1973, while Bush’s staff was conducting an inquiry into the Lake of the Ozarks affair, Terry Dolan, promoting the Edgeworth cause, leaked to the Washington Post a tape recording in which Rove and another College Republican are heard recounting at a training weekend some amusing stories about minor campaign espionage they had engaged in during various campaigns. The Post published a story about the tape under the headline “gop probes official as teacher of tricks.”

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Karl Rove and Voter Fraud – A True Love Affair for Political Gain

Here is Karl giving a presentation to a group of Republican lawyers in 2006. He reveals his big idea which he has been implementing all along. He claims voter fraud – the idea that people illegally register to vote or impersonate other people in order to vote – is a huge huge problem. Who will know differently? Karl Rove is actually promoting his own conspiracy theory about voter fraud in order to create an illusion that there is a problem where there is no problem. In “The Controller” Lehman talks about “the Mark of Karl Rove.”

“There are many cases where Rove is suspected of having engineered a brutal bit of political business without leaving any fingerprints…”

Rove, Voter Fraud and the Attorney Firing Scandals – We will Remember, We Will Remember, We Will Remember

The Set-up: Get Someone to Write Something you Want them To Say, Then you Repeat That, Then You Get Crazy Legislation to Prevent Non-Existent Voter Fraud

This idea of scaring people about voter fraud catches on big time with an organization called the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). This organization creates template voter id legislation for many states across the U.S. This organization gets millions of dollars from folks like the Koch Brothers.

RNC Chair Lies About Voter Fraud

In 2004 Wisconsin had 3 million votes cast. There were 7 cases of voter fraud cast by felons who thought they could vote when they couldn’t vote, or 0.0002% of the voters. However, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus greatly exaggerated the voter fraud problem. Does Reince Preibus have a  Pinocchio problem? Mmmm.

The Brennan Center estimates the new voter i.d. laws could disenfranchise 5 million voters in 2012.

These voter I.D. laws would make it much more difficult for people to legally vote because it will be:

  1. Harder to register to vote,
  2. Harder to get state approved voter ids,
  3. Limit days that people could go to the polls for early voting, like the Saturday and Sunday before election day when people have time off from work.

Governor Rick Scott of Florida hides behind the fear of “voter fraud.” He wants to do massive voter roll purges of so-called “non-citizens.” Thousands upon thousands of voters could be pushed off the rolls under the lie that it’s all to “prevent voter fraud.” States already trying to do this include Florida. Governor Rick Scott of Florida wanted to purge citizens he claimed were non-citizens due to an outdated database used for the list to purge. Most of the 180,000 people on the list were Hispanic, Independents and Democratic according to the Miami Herald article, “Hispanics, NPAs more likely to face voter purge than whites, GOP.”

GOP Voter Suppression

After the Attorney Firing Scandals, Karl Rove resigned from the G. W. Bush administration. Karl left the limelight to prepare for another day when he would continue to scare people about non-existent voter fraud.

Today in 2012 many Republican controlled states have passed horrible voter id laws and other laws to limit days of early voting, and laws that make it harder for organizations like the nonpartisan Women’s League of Voters to register people to vote.

What will the American people do now? Will they fight back to stop the voter roll purges? Will they repeal the voter I.D. laws? Will they realize that there is absolutely no truth in the big bad wolf of “voter fraud?”

It is time to stand up to the fraud about voter fraud and end the fractured fairytale that suppressive voter I.D. laws should be passed because of “voter fraud”. Once and for all, voter fraud is the real fraud mostly started by Karl Rove as a conspiracy to scare voters and as a flimsy excuse to pass horrible repressive laws that restrict the ability of average Americans to register to vote and to actually cast a vote.

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