Uncounted: The Movie is a Must See for All Voters

This election integrity cat wants everyone to see UNCOUNTED The Movie so we can all protect the vote. Photo credit: How Much is that Kitty in the Window? by comedynose on flickr cc

This election integrity cat wants everyone to see UNCOUNTED The Movie so we can all protect the vote. Photo credit: How Much is that Kitty in the Window? by comedynose on flickr cc

“Uncounted: The New Math of Elections” will open your eyes as a voter in America. Everyone should see this movie, especially the candidates running in the elections so they know that if they call for a recount, it is in the best interest of the voters. There is no such thing as sour grapes when it comes to making sure everyone’s vote is properly counted.

Voters will thank the candidate who is willing to stand up and ask for a recount, especially when exit polls reveal large discrepancies in the vote.

UNCOUNTED: Undervotes: The Scary Canary

When the voter is blamed for 80% undervotes, you know something is terribly wrong with the vote tallies and how the votes are being counted.

Examples of so-called “undervotes”:

Definition of undervote:

A ballot that has been cast but that shows no selection in a particular race or referendum

November 2004 Presidential Election:

  • 70% to 80% undervote in some Pennsylvania precincts. That means 7 or 8 out of 10 people who came to the polls to vote, did not bother to cast a vote for a particular race – like the Presidential race!
  • 25% undervotes in some New Mexico precincts. Many concentrated in Native American and Hispanic areas of the state. Historically these voters tend to vote Democratic. That translated as 21,084 voters supposedly not recording a vote for the presidential election.
  • George Bush’s victory margin in New Mexico was only 5,988 votes.

UNCOUNTED – The Powerful and Obnoxious Odor of Provisional Ballots

Provisional Ballot: If a person shows up to vote and is not listed on a precinct voting roll, that person can only vote by casting a “provisional” ballot. There is no guarantee that ballot will later be counted in the election.

In the 2004 Election 1,901,591 provisional ballots were cast. According to the United States Election Assistance Commission more than 1/3 of those votes were rejected and never counted. That means that at least 633,863 people did not have their ballots counted.

Why? Because it sheds a spotlight on the various tactics used to steal your vote. In order to protect our vote, we need to be wise. We need to be aware. We need to take action to let those who wish to steal elections know that we will stop them.

We must insure that our elections are free, fair, transparent and accurate. We must hold our public officials accountable to protect our civil right to vote and have our vote properly counted.

Uncounted – Your Vote Might Not Be Counted–Because of the Electronic Voting Machines

Ways to Protect the Vote:

  1. Make sure you, your friends and family are properly registered to vote and that you have all the necessary paperwork if your state requires ridiculous voter i.d.
  2. Make sure you are on the current voter rolls in your state and that your information is accurate
  3. Know the location of your polling place for any upcoming election. It may change in each election. Make sure you know where you are registered to vote so you can cast a real ballot instead of a provisional one.
  4. Support Exit polling. Exit polls when done properly are a good way to check if something might be wrong with the tallied vote. Many states use electronic voting equipment that scans ballots. The computers can be hacked and the vote totals changed. Many computer experts have verified this weakness in the electronic voting machines and central tabulation systems.
  5. Become a poll monitor and also witness the counting of the vote in your local community.
  6. In your state, support legislation to get abolish suppressive voter i.d. Laws
  7. In your State, support legislation to allow extra days for early voting, especially the week-end before the election so working people can have more time to cast their vote.
  8. Stop unnecessary voter roll purges that purposely target minorities, youth and the elderly and that may use faulty databases similar to Florida in trying to kick people off the rolls claiming they have to prove they are American citizens.
  9. Tell your state officials “voter fraud” is a non-issue and it no longer can be used as an excuse to suppress the vote with legislation that makes it harder for citizens to register to vote or to cast their vote.
  10. Support legislation to demand random hand-counted precincts that no one knows will be counted in advance. Monitor the hand-counting of these precinct ballots.
  11. Support legislation to abolish paperless electronic voting machines and replace all voting machines with paper ballots filled out by hand by voters that are also hand-counted.

Update on Florida’s Voter Purge – For Now Governor Scott has Halted the Voter Purge

Here is a Democracy Now report about how flawed the Florida voter purge lists are due to using out of date databases. This sounds like a repeat of the 2000 election’s massive voter purges.

We must stop the restrictive Voting Laws across the U.S.:

Wave of Restrictive Voting Laws Prompts Federal Probes, Activism Ahead of 2012 Elections

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