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Bill Moyers Program on the Bank Follies and Jamie Dimon

The Rude Awakening that Bankers are Acting Like the Mafia Bill Moyers interviewed Matt Taibbi, contributing editor of “Rolling Stone” and Yves Smith, creator of the finance and economics blog, Naked Capitalism, about what is really going on with big banks … Continue reading

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Update on Repressive Voter ID Laws in U.S.

The Fraud of Voter Fraud continues… The Brennan Center for Justice reports that more states have passed and implemented unnecessary voter ID laws. This map shows where there are voter ID laws and the type of ID required. Where have … Continue reading

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The Fraud of Voter Fraud: A Fairytale

Once upon a time Karl Rove decided he had to find a way to narrow the margin between democratic and republican voters forever and ever because he had a big big dream. He wanted to make sure that there would … Continue reading

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Is Scott Brown Afraid to Debate Elizabeth Warren?

Scott Brown Makes Unreasonable Demands for Conditions of Debating Elizabeth Warren Rachel Maddow tonight explained that Scott Brown would only debate Elizabeth Warren if MSNBC doesn’t host the debate and – are you ready for this:  if Ted Kennedy’s widow, … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s Plan is that He Won’t Tell You His Plan

The Plans Mitt Keeps Secret The United States needs real leadership, not just a multi-million dollar slick ad campaign with Karl Rove-like tactics to sell you a candidate. Mitt Romney Refuses to Reveal Details of his “Plans” on Health Care, … Continue reading

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Radioactive Buckyballs from Fukushima Hitting Southern California

Radiation monitoring stations in Santa Monica and Los Angeles have picked up radiation in the air 5.3 times normal yet the state and federal governments stopped receiving funds to test air, water, soil and food – especially dairy products – … Continue reading

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Uncounted: The Movie is a Must See for All Voters

“Uncounted: The New Math of Elections” will open your eyes as a voter in America. Everyone should see this movie, especially the candidates running in the elections so they know that if they call for a recount, it is in the … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Exit Polls 7 points Different from Machine-Counted Vote…Why?

Are Election Dirty Tricks at Play in Wisconsin? Would Hand-Counting the Vote in Wisconsin Show a Different Result? Why is there a major difference of 7 points between Exit Polls and the machine-scanned ballots in Wisconsin’s June 5, 2012 Recall … Continue reading

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Dept. of Justice Demands Florida Governor End Flawed Purge of 182,000 Voters

Time to Stop Florida’s 2012 Election Voter Purges Targeting Minorities and Democrats like the Florida 2000 Election Voter Purges Did someone say Deja Vu? Let’s stop this Deja Vu of voter roll purges taken from Karl Rove’s playbook It’s ridiculous … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney just makes things up in his ads

Did Mitt Romney Read from Karl Rove’s Election Playbook? Make anything up you want about your opponent because most people never realize that what you say is completely false. Attack your opponent to deflect from your own weaknesses. Confuse voters … Continue reading

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