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Waving Bears, Pre-existing Conditions and the 2012 Election

Waving Bears Having Fun These bears are adorable. Yes, they are really waving bears! I wonder what the bears are thinking when they are waving at the people in their cars. Pre-Existing Conditions and Obamacare Thomas Friedman wrote an interesting … Continue reading

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Has Stealing the Vote Begun by Purging Voters from U.S. Voting Rolls?

While Karl Rove and others complain about non-existent “voter fraud” where someone supposedly uses another person’s name to vote or where non-U.S. citizens supposedly attempt to vote (which would be pretty stupid to do), the real election fraud happens through … Continue reading

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Is Romney’s Education Plan all Smoke and Mirrors?

Mitt Romney claims he has an education plan, and he wants you to believe he really really cares a lot about low income folks and especially Latino voters. He talks a lot about how terrible it is that education seems … Continue reading

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The Future of America and Dancing Chihuahas

This is so cute: A salsa dancing chihuaha. Now that you are relaxed and had a good laugh or at least cracked a smile, hopefully, we can discuss another topic: How to Bring this Country Together The people must stand … Continue reading

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