State Department Delays XL Pipeline, Public Wants it Stopped

This cat thinks the XL Pipeline which would transport tar sands oil is dirty and bad for cats and people. Photo credit: cat by ilkerender on flickr cc

This cat thinks the XL Pipeline which would transport tar sands oil is dirty and bad for cats and people. Photo credit: cat by ilkerender on flickr cc

Keystone XL Protesters Surround the White House

President Obama put off making a decision about the XL Keystone Tar Sands Pipeline by sending it back for review by the State Department. The final decision of whether to build the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline for transporting dirty tar sands oil is postponed until after the 2012 election.

On November 6th, more than twelve-thousand (12,000) demonstrators circled the White House to protest the development of the proposed XL Keystone Pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico through the heart of America. The demonstrators want the U.S. to develop clean energy, not dirty polluting tar sands oil that could harm the environment in the production and transportation through pipelines across ecologically sensitive areas of the country.

Keystone XL Pipeline Protests at White House

The Nov. 6th action capped weeks of protests in D.C. and around the country of protestors saying no to the dirty tar sands oil pipeline. Some scientists claim mining and processing the tar sands oil would unleash massive amounts of CO2 into the earth’s atmosphere which could cause a tipping point on global warming. Extracting the dirty oil from the tar sands would require thousands of gallons of water, a precious resource.

12-year-old speaks against Keystone XL pipeline

The initial route proposed for the XL Keystone pipeline could jeopardize important water resources like the Ogallala Aquifer. The oil would be exported to Asia and beyond, not even used within the U.S.

Keystone XL Pipeline protest, Lincoln, NE 8/5/11

Canada Should Kick its Dirty Tar Sands Oil Habit

Keystone Pipeline

To produce 1 barrel of oil from tar sands oil takes 4 to 5 barrels of water and then the water is unusable. This is a terrible waste of an important life-sustaining resource.

Stop the Keystone XL Dirty Tar Sands Pipeline

Canada wants to develop it’s large amount of dirty tar sands into oil and expects the U.S. to help. Canada and the tar sands are like a drug dealer trying to sell its crack to friends, the U.S.

Robert Redford: Join the Nov. 6 Keystone XL Protest

Could there be pipeline spills from tar sands oil pipelines that might harm people? Yes. In 2010 over 800,000-900,000 gallons of tar sands oil spilled in Kalamazoo, Michigan killing fish, wildlife, and causing horrible health problems and deaths for people living along the Kalamazoo River and creek that runs into that river.

Enbridge Tar Sands Oil Pipeline Spill Devastates Kalamazoo River, Michigan

Through the reporting of whistleblower, John Bolenbaugh, we can see directly how the real severity of the tar sands spill has not been adequately reported by some local media which made it seem as if the oil spill was almost cleaned up.

John Bolenbaugh, Very Sick Kid and His Mom and Kaz

John Bolenbaugh, Military Officer Says He Saw a Cover Up of Oil Spill

However, John Bolenbaugh’s videos document that Enbridge put down canvas over the oil and then put grass seed on top of the canvas in the marshy areas. While some local News Reports claimed Enbridge was trying to bring the oil up from the bottom of the river, Bolenbaugh physically shows foliage growing on top of canvas that hides large amounts of oil.

The oil has horrible health effects on the local citizens near the river. People near the oil spill have seizures, neurological problems, headaches, sore throats, and respiratory problems.


If the XL Keystone pipeline is built anywhere, the chances of spills similar to what happening in Michigan are very possible. The Enbridge Company spill is a warning to what could occur if the XL Pipeline is built through the heart of America.

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