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How to Counter The Age of Greed

In “The Age of Greed,” Jeff Madrick, former economic columnist for the New York Times and current Senior Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute and the Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis at the New School, recounts the history of the people, … Continue reading

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What’s up with the Oakland Police and Occupy Wall Street?

Shock and Awe in Oakland, CA: What were the leaders of Oakland thinking when they turned their streets into a war zone? Obviously they were not thinking at all! Here is a shocking video of an Oakland, CA policeman deliberately … Continue reading

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The Real Causes and Fixes of U.S. Economic Woes

Robert Reich Outlines 7 Lies about the Economy Economist Robert Reich, a man of many talents, displays his economic and artistic abilities in this video as he illustrates 7 Key Lies trumpeted by the GOP about what they claim are … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs: A Legend in his Time 1955-2011

Steve Jobs: Thank you for co-founding Apple, Inc. You and others at Apple, Pixar and Next unleashed so much creativity by the products you and your colleagues designed and developed. You will be greatly missed by the whole world. Thanks … Continue reading

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