Mitt Romney says “Corporations are People” in Iowa

Fiscal cat could not find any definition that said corporations are people even though that's what Mitt Romney said in Iowa. Photo Credit: Cat reading book byfaeryhedgehog on flickr cc

In Iowa Mitt Romney tries to explain to the public that “corporations are people” when asked about how he would strengthen social security, medicare and medicaid without cutting benefits. He said he could raise taxes on “people”. Then folks in the audience said, “corporations!” and then Romney said “corporations are people.” Some folks in the audience were upset with Romney’s comment that corporations are people. Romney then said he wouldn’t raise any taxes.

Romney did not clearly answer the man’s question of how he would protect medicare, social security and medicaid without cutting benefits.

Are Corporations People? No

A corporation is not technically a human being even though one person might own a corporation and corporations are made up people. The issue the folks in the audience had was that they felt corporations were mischaracterized as being the same as people. People in the audience felt corporations seem to mainly focus on profit above everything else and they accused corporations of being greedy, especially when they said, “Wall Street Greed!”

Here is the response and various commentary:

Corporations Have Made Record Profits. Where are the Jobs?

Corporations have made record profits since the 2008 recession. The Bush Tax Cuts were extended and yet where are the jobs? Why are “job creators” sitting on over $2 Trillion in cash? What is needed to stimulate the economy and to actually create jobs?

Rep. Schakowsky Announces Bill to Create 2.2 Million Jobs

“If we want to create jobs, create jobs,” said Senator Schakowsky.

“The worst deficit the American people face today isn’t the budget deficit, it’s the jobs deficit.”  Senator Schakowsky

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