Jobs are Jobs Public or Private

This Smart Cat wants Congress to Get Serious about Creating Private and Public Sector Jobs. Photo Credit: 365 x 19 Pussy Cat Posing by david masters on flickr cc

What Solutions will put 14 Million People Back to Work?

A Job is a Job and the Congress just slashed about 1 million jobs with their recent debt-ceiling deficit cuts only bill. Didn't they say they wanted to create jobs? Photo Credit: jobs by Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! on flickr cc

First let’s realize that jobs from either the public or private sectors are still jobs and they put people to work where they get money that they can use to pay their bills, pay their mortgages, and put money into the economy which benefits everyone in the long term.

Investing in Our Country

By investing in our communities, we protect the future. The public structures and systems that enable our families and neighborhoods to be safe are part of the public good. Remember that public jobs of policemen and firemen keep us safe. Teachers who educate our children insure that young people will be prepared to meet future challenges and will be engaged citizens.

Therefore, investing in the public common good is good for all of us.

Pass the Bill to Reauthorize the FAA

It is time for the Congress to reauthorize the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) so 4,000 agency workers and the thousands of their contractors can go back to work. Right now there is a shut-down of the FAA and contractors that is putting 70,000 people out of work. This is a manufactured crisis that could easily be resolved. At a time when Republicans are saying they want to put people back to work, they are engineering activities to hurt people in unions from being able to keep their jobs. FAA workers protect Americans by making sure planes fly safely and that our entire aviation system works properly, both in the skies and on the ground. This work stoppage is affecting workers in both the public and private sectors.

A New Public Discourse on Creating a Prosperous America for All

The government is us. We are America. We get benefits from cooperative efforts for the public good. Government insures that we have well-maintained roads, lights, bridges and infrastructure in our towns, states and the entire nation.

So why are Republicans proud of undermining worker rights? This is completely unnecessary. The FAA stoppage is also costing all of us money in uncollected airfare taxes estimated at $250 million. Also, until legislation is passed, $2.5 billion is being held up in various airport projects nationwide.

A job is a job is a job – public or private. We need to put people back to work, not throw people unnecessarily out of work. It’s time for Congress and President Obama to work together to put people back to work.

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