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Watch Live Jobs Council Event Today, 8/31/11, 2 pm EST

Meeting of the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness Tune in now here at White House Live to see the event about how to create jobs in America now. Here is an explanation of the meeting today on the White … Continue reading

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Is Dick Cheney Blamer and Complainer in Chief in his New Memoir?

Former Vice President Dick Cheney refuses to apologize or take responsibility for things that went wrong under his and G. W. Bush’s administration between 2001-2009: Costly Iraq War started under false pretenses Economic Crisis due to inability of Wall Street … Continue reading

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President of S&P, Deven Sharma, Will Step Down

Deven Sharma, current president of Standard and Poor’s, announced today that he will step down to “pursue other interests.” As of September 12, 2011, Sharma will change his role at the S&P rating agency from president to advisor to the … Continue reading

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Update on Karl Rove’s Rick Perry Project

Karl Rove engineered a Republican takeover of the Texas Supreme Court a few decades ago and then went on to groom Rick Perry to become the Texas agriculture commissioner in 1990. Perry later became Lt. Governor of Texas in 1998 … Continue reading

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Maddow Coins the Phrase “The Great Flabbergasting”

Rachel Maddow said we understand something better when it has a name. She decided to name the phenomena of whenever the Republicans propose something and then President Obama supports it, then the Republicans decide they are against the thing they … Continue reading

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Perry Took $17.4 Billion Obama Stimulus Funds to Help Create Jobs in Texas

Is Rick Perry Confused or a Hypocrit? Rick Perry’s Texas Jobs are ‘Gov., Stimulus’ Jobs Perry on Stimulus Funds – Oct. 15, 2010 Rick Perry hates big government and bashes the bailouts and the stimulus promoted by the Obama administration … Continue reading

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Are Credit Rating Agencies Acting Like Mean Girls?

Who Are the Credit Rating Agencies?  Credit Rating Agencies are made up of a few unelected people in various committees who decide whether an entity, public or private, is credit-worthy. They have secret methodologies on how they arrive at their … Continue reading

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Warren Buffett Wants Congress to Ask Rich for their Fair Share

Warren Buffett’s New York Times Op-ed said “Stop Coddling the Super-Rich” Self-made businessman Warren Buffett is worth over $40 Billion dollars. His article in the New York Times today calls for the Super-Rich (like himself) to pay their fair share … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney says “Corporations are People” in Iowa

In Iowa Mitt Romney tries to explain to the public that “corporations are people” when asked about how he would strengthen social security, medicare and medicaid without cutting benefits. He said he could raise taxes on “people”. Then folks in … Continue reading

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Was the S&P Downgrade of the U.S. Really all about Dodd-Frank Regulations on Civil Liability of Credit Rating Agencies?

The New York Times Business Section ran a piece called, “S&P, Accused of Faulty Math, Fights Error Disclosure Rule,”  about how the President of S&P, Devon Sharma, sent a letter to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.) about his difference … Continue reading

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