Has Congress been taken over by Pod People?

Fiscal Cat says it's time for the Pod People in Congress to wake up before it's too late! Photo credit: happy thanksgiving by minka6 on flickr cc

What Could Possibly Explain the Craziness in Congress & the Senate and the Delay to Raise the Debt-Ceiling?

Pumpkin the Cat wants to make sure she is safe from the Crazy Economic Pod People and Pod Cats that want to tank the U.S. Economy. Photo Credit: Pumpkin, she looks lost by turtlemom4bacon flickr cc

The Pod People were installed as Tea Partiers and they have revealed their true intent — to tank the economy and gut anything positive that good government could provide for Americans. The fact that Congress is willing to throw Mom & Dad & Grand-pa and Grand-ma into the ditch from the so-called “Balanced Budget Amendment” that would gut Social Security and Medicare is so bad we could laugh til we cry.

Many Tea Partiers got into office in 2010 from Astroturf organizations funded by billionaires like the Koch Brothers.

Is the Chamber of Commerce happy with the way things turned out now? How is that working for you Wall Street?

Conspiracy of Stupidity has Infected Washington D.C.

The drum beat in Congress, the Senate & Fox News from Republicans and Tea Partiers is to play the blame game for every single problem in the economy on President Obama and the Democrats. Well, if we take a trip down memory lane the truth is revealed and it shows a completely different picture of the true reality.

Down Memory Lane to Find Out the Cause of our Financial Problems in the U.S.

Under G. W. Bush Trillions of dollars was spent on 2 expensive wars with little financial accountability regarding where the money actually was spent. When Bush took office in 2001 he immediately raided the Budget Surplus accumulated under Clinton by passing two sets of tax cuts for the wealthy. This created a huge gap in revenues at the same time more money was siphoned out from an unfunded Prescription Drug program passed under a Republican Congress that purposely was prevented from negotiating with Big Pharma. This RX bill was practically written by folks in and out of Big Pharma companies.

Under Bush & the Republican led Congress, roll back of financial regulations and the lack of enforcement of existing regulations contributed to the mortgage-backed security scandal which created a horrific sucking sound that threatened to pull the entire world economy into an abyss from exotic financial instruments created to primarily give huge amounts of money to Hedge Fund managers, high-speed traders, large banks like Citigroup and financial institutions like Morgan Stanley.

OK, then before Bush left office even his advisors realized there needed to be a major stimulus to prevent a major depression due to the selfish and irresponsible behavior of major financial institutions, banks, hedge funds, and brokerage houses. Back room deals were struck to save these institutions even though they still have not changed their behavior and they did not help the people who funded their little spending sprees. They are still acting like dry drunks. I think many financial institutions need therapy to learn more responsible civilized behavior.

You see the banks, even though they got 0% interest loans from the government, then turned on the average American and raised their credit card interest rates overnight to 29.99% or more. So, after 2 years of suffering (2007 – 2009) where millions of people lost their jobs due to the tightening of the belts of corporations, the banks have made it hard for average Americans to have credit or use their credit without steep interest rates. No wonder CEOs of the large banks are making top salaries of 50% increases or more.

Back to Washington D.C. and the Current Situation

Some folks must have gotten the memo to just point the finger to blame anyone but the Republicans. So every day on Fox News and the floor of the Senate and Congress large graphics are displayed to blame Obama and the Democrats for the debt. The Republicans and Tea Partiers (are they really Republicans?) instigated an artificial financial crisis because they think they will be able to blame President Obama and the Democrats if the economy tanks.

I hope the American people are wise enough to see through the charades of the Tea Partiers and their funders. I think there is going to be a rude awakening to the Republicans & Tea Partiers in 2012. Even though the Koch Brothers and their template legislation circulating to make it very difficult for most Americans to register to vote due to restrictive voter I.D. laws, many angry Americans are already saying, “I’m not going to take it anymore!” These previously mild-mannered folks will do everything in their power to register people and to bring out the vote to bring in more rational and reasonable non-Pod people in the Senate and Congress.

Are Tea Partiers Acting like Financial Jihadists?

The Tea Partiers are holding America hostage by refusing to raise the debt-ceiling which could cause the U.S. government to default on its financial obligations for the first time in the history of the United States. While many Tea Partiers rant about Muslims and the dangers of people who are non-Christian, they are acting like terrorists by threatening to bring down the entire U.S. economy unless their ridiculous policies of radically slashing government are accepted. They are using the very tactics used by bullies in a school yard.

Senator McConnell has been infected by the Pod People Tea Partiers because he previously was willing to dialogue with Democrats and then he supported a filibuster which would prevent movement on an alternative bill to raise the debt ceiling until 1 am on Sunday, 7/31/2011. Why? Why delay dialogue and discussion?

What will help Senator McConnell and the Republicans to come to their senses and get beyond their partisan politics that threatens the well being of all Americans, including people in their own party? What will help them stop acting like Pod People run amok?

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