Something Smells at Fox News Politics Twitter Fiasco

Suspicious Kitty thinks something smells at Fox News Politics about the hacked Obama Tweets. Photo Credit: Classic Tabby Scottish Fold by eviltomthai on flickr cc

Fox News Politics Claims Twitter Feed Hacked

Fox News claims its Fox News Politics twitter feed was hacked into on July 4, 2011 with a malicious series of tweets masquerading as the real FoxNewsPolitics and spewing false rumors about President Barack Obama’s demise.

However, why did Fox News allow the particular twitter feed to keep the vicious tweets up on the website for over 23 hours?

Apparently Fox claims it was sorry for causing so much distress to others. However, it did not care to remove the cause of distress which could cause more distress. And, the twitter account with the offending tweets did not have a disclaimer from the real Fox News Politics!

According to news reports, Fox News eventually alerted the secret service to investigate the perpetrator(s) of the fake tweets about President Obama. It appears that Fox News made little attempt to fully quash the false Obama rumors on all relevant locations of its news sites. Did Fox News want the rumors to stir things up?

Do I smell the repulsive scent wafting from the Fox News Politics twitter account that has a decided aroma of unclean kitty litter? Why Meaow, yes, it’s a kitty litter mess. They still haven’t fully cleaned their kitty box of all the smelly contents.

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