Senator Sanders Exposes the Well-Funded Koch Echo Chamber

Political kitty had to cool out from listening to the Koch Echo Chamber on Social Security. Photo Credits: Funny animal (cat) by didbygraham flickr cc

Senator Bernie Sanders Exposes the Koch Brothers PR Campaign to Attempt to Raise Age of Social Security to 70 Years Old!

Why are the Koch Brothers so determined to use think tanks, the media and public officials to force their ideology on the American public? Why do they want to raise the age of Social Security to 70 years old?

The Koch Brothers have no personal need for Social Security with their $100 billion dollar annual revenues from their Koch Industries. The conglomerate operates oil refineries and controls thousands of miles of pipeline. According to the New Yorker article: “Forbes ranks it [Koch Industries] as the second-largest private company in the country, after Cargill.”

However, people who only make a living wage do need Social Security before age 70 years old. If the age of retirement were raised to 70 years old instead of the present retirement benefit received at age 66, a worker’s benefits would be cut 20% from a typical benefit of $14,000 year to $11, 200 year. Do you know anyone who could live on that? Yet, the Koch Brothers are using a slick media blitz campaign to confuse the public.

Senator Bernie Sanders explains the well-orchestrated and well-funded “echo chamber” of manipulation promoted by the Koch Brothers intricate web of think tanks and media outlets.

Why are the Koch Brothers perpetrating myths about Social Security?

Why do they want to privatize Social Security?

The Koch Brothers want to dismantle the federal government by attacking a successful program that has helped millions of Americans.

Privatizing Social Security would be a major disaster for average Americans and the Koch Brothers know this.

It is important for the public to question the echo chamber of disinformation about Social Security.

The Real Facts About Social Security:

1.  Social Security belongs to American workers who contributed to it.

2.  Social Security will never go bankrupt. As long as there are workers and employers who pay into Social Security it will remain financially healthy. However, we need to help people get back to work by creating more job opportunities for Americans.

3.  Raising the retirement age is a horrible idea and would reduce your benefits coming to you from work that you did over your life time. 

4.  Privatizing Social Security would be a disaster as we can see from the collapse of the markets in 2008. Privatizing Social Security would undermine the program and make it insecure.

Learn about how we can continue strengthening Social Security which is your right as an American.

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