Suppressing the Vote by Anti-Freedom Voter ID Laws

Political kitty thinks voter ID Laws are a bad idea for democracy. Photo Credit: Am I cute? by Spodeworld on flickr cc

Invoking Dorothy’s Magic Red Slippers to get rid of the Repressive Voter ID Laws

Everyone. Click your heels together 3 times and say:

There is no such thing as voter fraud. There is no such thing as voter fraud. There is no such thing as voter fraud…”

Oops….except when it comes to Indiana GOP Secretary of State Charlie White

That’s right, the very person who is supposed to protect your vote, count your vote, keep your vote safe and secure and stop “voter fraud” apparently committed voter fraud. The irony is that he is a Republican who wants stringent voter ID laws to stop voter fraud.

Here is a link showing that Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White was indicted for voter fraud.

Donna Brazile wrote this article in the Huffington Post outlining the irony of the indictment of Mr. White.

While many sources prove that there is virtually no voter fraud in U.S. elections, it is bizarre that the person trying to pass harsh voter ID laws in Indiana, Charlie White, to supposedly prevent “voter fraud” has actually committed real voter fraud. This story is still relevant because many newly elected Republican governors in various states like Ohio, Wisconsin and Florida are promoting the passage of repressive voter ID laws and also shortening opportunities for voters to actually participate in early voting.

Keeping Elections Accurate, Free and Fair

What will actually keep elections transparent, honest and easy for American citizens to participate in?

1)  Better oversight of how election ballots are counted.

2)  Better tracking of chain of custody for all voting machines, equipment and ballots to insure there is no hanky panky going on.

3)  Motor Voter Laws that make it easy for Americans to register to vote.

4)  Help young people, especially students, be able to easily register to vote at their colleges or adopted cities while they are going to school.

Are Governors Helping their Citizens to Be Able to Register to Vote?

According to the Brennan Center and the Women’s League of Voters, restrictive voter ID laws could disenfranchise millions of people in the upcoming 2012 elections. Is that what the purveyors of the Voter ID Laws want? It would seem that is the case. However, it is pretty disgusting when you listen to the people pontificating about these horrible voter ID laws that would disenfranchise so many innocent people, especially students, working poor and seniors at the same time they pepper every speech with words like “the constitution says…” or “freedom.” Voting is a right of every citizen. However, there seems to be an orchestrated effort to make it difficult for certain citizens to exercise their right to vote.

E. J. Dionne, Jr. wrote “How states are rigging the 2012 election” in the Washington Post.

E. J. Dionne states in his article:

Besides Texas, states that enacted voter ID laws this year include Kansas, Wisconsin, South Carolina and Tennessee. Indiana and Georgia already had such requirements. The Maine Legislature voted to end same-day voter registrationFlorida seems determined to go back to the chaos of the 2000 election. It shortened the early voting period, effectively ended the ability of registered voters to correct their address at the polls and imposed onerous restrictions on organized voter-registration drives.

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