Ways to Help Japan

Haru the Cat says, "Please send relief aid to Japan. We need more people to help on the ground. Our military need more help." Photo Credit: Haru by raneko on flickr cc

The people of Japan need world assistance. Even though they are a developed country, the fact that they sustained a triple whammy of 9.0 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear reactor problems has touched many people around the world.

The people of Japan have recently found that the radiation from the Fukushima reactors have contaminated local produce and milk, particularly spinach.

Japan Sees Radiation in Milk, Spinach Near Plant

Radiation concerns grow in Japan

When sending money to organizations, be careful to send it to well-established organizations. There are scammers out there who want your money. So make sure you contribute to an organization you can trust like the Red Cross.

All Hands Update:U.S. Military Humanitarian Assistant and Disaster Relief in Japan

Aid Organizations for Japan

Americares http://www.americares.org/newsroom/press/2011/americares-disaster-relief-japan-aid-tsunami-earthquake-march-2011.html

Global Givinghttp://www.globalgiving.org/projects/japan-earthquake-tsunami-relief/

Red Cross http://www.redcross.org/en/

Here are Ways to Contact Family and Friends in Japan

If you wish to find or contact family and friends in Japan, the Red Cross and Google have Web sites to help with this effort:

Red Cross (People Finder):


Google People Finder :


Miracle rescue 9 days after Japan earthquake

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    I know what you mean, My GF has HBV, she wan’t to research at 1 of thse nations “United kingdom, Australia and Japan” Can she apply visa and enroll in the universities?

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