Is James O’Keefe’s secret recording of NPR Employees Junk Journalism?

Political Cat wants to know why James O'Keefe is attacking NPR at this time when Republicans in the House want to de-fund NPR. Is there some coordinated effort going on? Photo credit: Cat by scragz on flickr cc

Strategies of Junk Journalism from James O’Keefe and friends

Today, James O’Keefe and his blog released a secretly taped 44-minute telephone conversation on You-Tube which is Part II of the deliberate attempt of O’Keefe to undermine the public’s view of NPR.

Hopefully, the public will see through this calculated viciously planned attack on NPR. These videos and cherry-picked analysis by O’Keefe are being circulated throughout the conservative blogosphere in the same way O’Keefe’s videos of ACORN were dribbled to the public day after day. O’Keefe has already shown his penchant for political editing of recordings and video. Editing done to slant the viewers perspective according to his point of view.

It appears the sole reason of Mr. O’Keefe’s efforts is to create news by baiting people in a crazy kind of made-up sting operation. Are his videos and audio recordings orchestrated attempts to entrap his prey in order to use it for his own political devices and perhaps the political dirty tricks of others?

What is Going On with O’Keefe’s Sting Operation of NPR? Why Now? Why Target Fundraisers at NPR?

This series of attacks on NPR at a time when the Republican House is trying to defund NPR seem absolutely timed together. In Part II of the secretly taped telephone conversations Betsy Lily, Senior Director of Institutional Giving for NPR, is doing her best to relay to Mr. “Ibrahim Kasaam” that she must check with NPR’s legal counsel about whether the made-up front group “Muslim Education Action Center Trust” can give a $5 million dollar anonymous gift to NPR. She continually tells Mr. Ibrahim Kasaam that there is certain paper work that must be submitted, even if the gift is anonymous.

However, O’Keefe, is trying to make it seem as if what Ms. Lily is doing is somehow not correct.

On NPR’s Website in this article Mark Memmott states:

The facts that anonymous giving is common and legal, but that NPR reports all donations to the IRS and that NPR did not accept the fictitious Muslim charity’s offer are not detailed in either:

— The blog where O’Keefe has posted the recording of that conversation.

— Or the report about it at The Daily Caller, which this week has been the outlet where O’Keefe’s revelations have been broken.

Betsy Lily did not know all the answers, but from the tape it is clear she deliberately tells the Made-up Muslim Group she is checking with NPR’s legal counsel throughout the entire process.

Who orchestrated this bit of gotcha journalism? Was this something O’Keefe cooked up himself or was there a larger plan coordinated with others? And for what specific purpose?

Why is O’Keefe Targeting Fundraisers of NPR?

O’Keefe’s fishing operation is not based on any prior evidence of improper fiscal behavior of NPR employees.

Oh wait, there was some improper behavior of the chairman of the Corporation of Public Broadcasting, Kenneth Tomlinson, an arch conservative Republican under the G. W. Bush administration. Here is the information:

NPR reported about Kenneth Tomlinson in this article.

The NPR article on Republican appointee Tomlinson  states:

The State Department inspector general found that Tomlinson had improperly hired a friend as a contractor, starting at $88,000 a year; that Tomlinson had staffers run personal errands, such as buying a belt, flowers, and books; that he charged the government for too many hours on the clock; that he charged the agency for days he also worked for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting; and, incredibly, that Tomlinson operated his horseracing business out of his government office.

The Real Reason NPR is a Target of the GOP, Andrew Breitbart and James O’Keefe and friends

NPR is one of the only investigative non-partisan sources of news left in the United States. Many major corporate media outlets have sponsors to consider. Fox News went to court in Florida and the court found that Fox can legally report information that is not true. They do not have to report the truth even though they claim they are a news organization. The key is what kind of news do they report?

NPR’s Mission and Vision of News

NPR investigates many kinds of stories that cross political lines. Yet, it seems the GOP are most sensitive about stories that are about them. Here is a news report from NPR that might have upset some GOP strategists:

James O’Keefe’s actions and the vilification by the GOP towards NPR seem like the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland saying, “Off with their heads” to anyone who said something the Red Queen did not like.

It’s time the American public woke up to this menace based on strategies  of “The Big Lie” developed by totalitarians during the 20th century in which innuendo and sensationalism account much more than the eventual emergence of the truth. There is no accident of O’Keefe’s propaganda videos about NPR emerging at the very moment the Senate is set to vote on the U.S. Budget and the possible defunding of NPR.

Alice in Wonderland and The Red Queen

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