Breitbart’s Protege Creates Gotcha Videos of ACORN and NPR

Media cat says, "Wow, that James O'Keefe gets around. ACORN and now NPR secret videos. Does this have anything to do with the 2012 Election? You think?" Photo credit: JellyBean versus the Digi-Key packaging materials

NPR Profiled Andrew Brietbart in February 2010

NPR Profiled Andrew Breitbart in a story entitled, “Conservative Blogger Faces Criticism Over Protege,” on Feb., 2, 2010. The NPR report by David Folkenflik mentions the January 2010 arrest of 25-year old conservative provocateur and videographer, James O’Keefe.

Why was O’Keefe arrested? According to the NPR article, “He was charged with trying to get into Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu’s federal office in New Orleans under false pretenses to commit a felony.” At the time O’Keefe was under contract to write for Breitbart’s media group.

James O’Keefe Following Arrest For Alleged Landrieu Office Break-In: ‘The Truth Shall Set Me Free’

Beck, Hannity & O’Reilly Ignore O’Keefe Arrest

James O’Keefe, ACORN, and Pimp Costumes of Deception

James O’Keefe, protege of Andrew Breitbart, is better known for dressing up as a pimp and creating a sensational deceptive video about ACORN which lead to federal defunding of the program. However, months later in various court battles it was determined that the accusations and reports resulting from O’Keefe’s deceptive gotcha journalism techniques and unusual video editing revealed that ACORN was innocent of the attacks made by Fox News and other conservative media outlets.

By the time the truth came out about the manipulative reporting and taping of the ACORN incident in San Diego, the damage was done. ACORN lost federal funding. They were raked across the coals by Fox and Breitbart’s news organizations. They were accused by conservative media as being guilty. Few people might have realized much later that they were completely exonerated of the crimes Breitbart and O’Keefe accused ACORN of committing.

Why did Breitbart and Fox News attack ACORN?

Well, possibly because they were very successful in helping people register to vote for the 2008 election. Towards 2010, the Breitbart/O’Keefe duo consistently targeted ACORN to try and find some sort of scandal related to their voter registration activities.

Even though ACORN is non-partisan, many people who registered to vote through ACORN signed up on their own as Democrats or Independents. Of course ACORN did not encourage people to sign up for any particular party. Is that the real reason ACORN was targeted by Breitbart, O’Keefe and Fox News?

Therefore, they became a target of the GOP and Fox News. Fox ran many false stories on ACORN in the run up to the 2010 election in order to undermine their credibility. It was an outright media attack war on ACORN. Rachel Maddow covers the illegal activity of O’Keefe in their methods of taping the fake reporting.

Rachel Maddow – ACORN gets the Last Laugh

The GAO found ACORN did not misuse funds from the federal government. This story in the Huffington Post by John Atlas shows how ACORN was exonerated of all attacks by FOX and Breitbart and the Federal Appeals Court reversed the lower court’s decision to ban funding from ACORN.

It seems that Breitbart and O’Keefe go after organizations that:

1)  help people register to vote legally – like ACORN

2) provide non-partisan news and investigative news sources for Americans — like NPR

Dirty Politics towards 2012 Election

With the so-called embarrassing hidden video of the NPR fund-raising executive, Ronald Schiller, taped secretly by James O’Keefe, it appears that games of dirty politics are ramping up towards 2012. The timing of this phony scandal just happened to occur during the budget debate about funding for NPR. Isn’t that just a wee bit coincidental?

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