Gov. Walker RAMS through ANTI-Rights Bill in WI

Political Cat says, "The cat is out of the bag. Scott Walker and Republican Senators in WI violated 24-hour notice to Democratic legislators. It is a violation of WI open meetings law." Photo credit: Letting the Cat out of the Bag by SallyB2 on flickr cc

Wisconsin Governor Walker tramples on workers rights and turns back 50 years of civil rights for workers

Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker revealed his real anti-union agenda to Wisconsin voters today. While previously hiding behind the rhetoric of the need to balance his state’s budget, today he and 18 Republican State Senators passed an anti-union non-fiscal bill to eliminate the rights of state workers to have a voice through collective bargaining.

Creating a separate non-fiscal last minute bill to eliminate collective bargaining from certain Wisconsin public unions shows Walker’s partisan political machinations.  Walker together with Fox News and the RNC seem to have a concerted effort to demonize public employees who belong to unions. Why? Because by destroying unions, the GOP strategists hope to limit financial resources available to democrats for the 2012 election.

Conservative Media Spin Demonizes Teachers for Partisan Politics

The conservative media spin machines have used their airwaves to demonize teachers. Frequent Fox News pundits make excuses for CEOs who made huge multi-million dollar bonuses from certain “contractual agreements” in spite of being bailed out, and then they attack teachers for making $30,000 – 50,000/yr. plus benefits. Also, an average teacher works much longer hours than the school day to prepare materials for class and review papers and tests. Teachers frequently volunteer to help students in after-school programs or they coach. It is disgraceful that Republicans are targeting teachers who take low pay to help children get a good education.

In the above TYT Network video, Cenk Uygur explains that AP said State workers in 2008 earned 11% less than private workers on average for people in public unions including benefits.

A majority of Americans cannot afford to send their children to private schools. They depend on the public school system.  Scott Walker’s anti-teacher union bill is meant to undermine dedicated educators who want to help prepare the next generation of American leaders. Does Scott Walker care about educating young Americans?

Republican State Senator Scott Fitzgerald admits on Fox News that if the collective bargaining is stripped from unions, certain unions may have less money to support President Obama in Wisconsin in 2012. It is clear that the union-busting move to end collective bargaining in WI is a pure political move.

WI Leader Admits His Union-busting agenda is intended to hurt Obama reelection

Scott Walker has wasted millions of dollars in his other schemes to privatize government. He hides behind the lie of wanting to cut deficits as he also increased the deficit through passing sweet tax breaks and other deals for his cronies who got him elected.

Next Step for Supporters of Collective Bargaining Rights

Will Governor Walker’s tyrannical heartless elimination of public employee’s collective bargaining rights galvanize public employees and people who believe in collective bargaining across the political spectrum to recall various Wisconsin politicians?

The Mark of Rove and Koch Brothers United?

On January 30, 2011 the Koch Brothers hosted a huge strategy meeting with various GOP luminaries at Rancho Mirage. Common Cause ran another meeting called “Uncloaking the Kochs.”

Karl Rove runs American Crossroads. Most of the funding comes from billionaires. Now the Rove Crossroads GPS and American Crossroads organizations are funding Orwellian made-up ads claiming public workers are hurting America. Really? The manipulative wording, lighting and photography seems straight out of proteges of Frank Luntz. It’s clear the game plan is the 2012 election. Will the middle class have rights by 2012?

The Controller, a Profile of Karl Rove, appeared in the New Yorker in 2003. This landmark article revealed Rove’s big wish to return to the years of President McKinley. Guess what, there was no collective bargaining in those ancient days, and no FDA, and no protections for Americans. It was a corporate wild west.

In “The Controller” New Yorker article Karl Rove says about destroying a political party:

“I don’t think you ever kill any political party. Political parties kill themselves, or are killed, not by the other political party but by their failure to adapt to new circumstances. But do you weaken a political party, either by turning what they see as assets into liabilities, and/or by taking issues they consider to be theirs, and raiding them?” The thought brought to his round, unlined, guileless face a boyish look of pure delight. “Absolutely!”

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Karl Rove mentions in the Controller that everything he does could be undone by a “Democratic Karl Rove.” However, Rove said it might happen in a “few decades” to undo his “handiwork.”

Rove’s GOP plan seems to eliminate the benefits offered from government of, by and for the people that provide, good public education, social security, medicare and protection of human rights. The GOP in state and federal power want to starve government by giving tax breaks to the wealthy instead of funding programs that serve humanity as a whole. Every newly elected Republican Governor has on their agenda to give tax breaks to the wealthy and eliminate collective bargaining rights.

This is mean-spirited politics meant to manipulate the masses for the bidding of a few. America is better than that. Creating young people who are critical thinkers and who will ask questions is not on Karl Rove’s agenda. The horrible bashing of teachers shows the depravity of the Rovian Strategic plan to create a permanent Republican majority in power.

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