Red-Tape GOP REINS Act Set to Create Gridlock in D.C.

Josie the Cat loves red and she would love all the red tape gumming up Congress if the ill-conceived GOP REINS Act passes.Photo Credit: Josie loves red! by ninette_luz on flickr cc

The REINS Act was proposed in the last Congress as H.R. 3765 by Rep. Geoff Davis (R-KY) and S. 3826 by Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC).

This Act is called the “Regulations From the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act”.

The title alone is ridiculous. If there was a Republican President, would Mr. Davis and his co-sponsers have titled the Bill the same way?

Republicans claim they want to bring a different tone to Washington and cut through bureaucracy and save Americans money. Really, and what might be the effect of implementing this horrible REINS Act?

On 1/24/11 the House Judiciary Committee had hearings that reviewed some consequences of this bill. The big question, is the bill unconstitutional? What the GOP wants to do is basically run portions of the executive branch as well as the House by making every regulation with an economic cost of $100 million subjected to congressional approval by an up or down vote after the regulation has been created.

Cohen on the REINS Act in House Judiciary Committee Hearings

It is an attempt to change regulations or prevent any regulations from being put in place. Words that come to mind directly associated with this REINS Act are:

  • Logjam
  • Gridlock
  • Obstruction
  • No Protections for Consumers
  • Overreaching
  • Unconstitutional interference with the Executive Branch
  • Red Tape
  • Self-serving
  • Stupid
  • Ill-conceived

The consequences to Americans if this bill is passed?

1.  Logjam of Regulations past, present and future.

2. Existing regulations would be in jeopardy that protect us from food borne illnesses, tainted medications, pollution, and more…

Who benefits from this REINS Act Bill? Certainly not the majority of Americans.

Well, this bill is being floated as helping business from too much regulations. This is a big fat excuse. In the House Judiciary Committee hearings one Congressman questioned a panel asking if the Chamber of Commerce would be determining which regulations are approved and which are not.

Will this Bureaucratic Nightmare REINS Act Pass?

At most the red-tape REINS Act may pass the House, but most certainly it would not see the light of day in the Senate and if ever this monstrosity got through the Senate, President Obama would veto it.

Hypocrisy in Action

The GOP claim they want to streamline government. The REINS Act would add another layer of bureaucratic red tape to the already busy schedule of Congress. And, there would be great uncertainty every two years because regulations would always be susceptible to change. This certainly is a big nightmare scenario that would create confusion in the private sector.

And, by the way, how have the 112th Congress been doing since January 5, 2011? Well, they have spent a lot of money grandstanding and claiming to pass legislation to stop “job-killing” this or that.

Talk is cheap and so are Talking Points that are meant to anger voters.

Will the 112th Congress be considered the “Mean-Spirited” Congress in the History Books?

Since Speaker Boehner has taken over Congress, his troops have focused on taking Health Care away from people by making a show of repealing the Health Care Reform Act passed in 2010. However, the more Americans learn about the really really good things in this Act, the more they want to keep Health Care Reform like

  • elimination of pre-existing conditions
  • keeping your child on your health care until age 26
  • no caps on health coverage
  • cost-saving approaches to help Americans have more preventive care
  • enabling Medicare recipients to have annual check-ups.

The REINS Act is a dangerous bill that would gum up the works in Washington and cost taxpayers more money in the process.

Logjam by foxtongue on flickr cc

Here's the kind of logjam the GOP REINS Act would create in Washington D.C. and in the Congress. Photo Credit: Logjam by foxtongue on flickr cc

Talking Points Memo did a story about this July 2010. The REINS Act has reared its ugly head again.

Here is more information from CPR Blog about how the REINS Act would “Gum Up the Regulatory Works.”

BP Oil Spill: Example of Why Certain Necessary Regulations Protect Americans and when Lack of Regulations Harm Americans, the Economy and the Environment

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