GOP ‘CUTS Act’ Proposes to Eliminate Funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting

This cat listens to NPR and watches PBS and thinks Americans should keep funding the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Photo Credit: Persian - Chilerito from Magnus Brath on flickr cc

The GOP claim they will eliminate funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) to “cut the deficit”.

NPR and PBS are crucial non-partisan news organizations of CPB that provide a needed service in keeping Americans well-informed about news that affects their lives. In an age of media corporations that frequently are purely political and that wield their ideological partisan philosophy through specific filters, PBS and NPR are trusted independent news sources free from self-censorship due to advertisers or political leanings.

On the Diane Rehm show‘s program, “The Future of Public Broadcasting,” Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX) stated that part of the GOP agenda is to cut the Corporation for Public Broadcasting:

REHM  11:32:04

And I understand that the CUTS Act includes an elimination of funding for the Corporation of Public Broadcasting. Tell us why?

BRADY  11:32:14

Well, because simply, we can’t afford it anymore. We’re in, as I said, $1.4 trillion deficit just this year alone.
“…if you can find some other way to get this financial mess in order, I would welcome those ideas.”

It’s good to know that Congressman Brady claims he is open to other ideas for getting our financial house in order. Now would be a good time for Americans to express their support of NPR, PBS and the CPB to the Republican majority of Congress.

Are GOP proposed cuts to CPB and NPR based on partisan politics?

It is tiring that every time the GOP get into power, they always want to eliminate or drastically reduce the budget for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, NPR and PBS.

The U.S. federal budget for FY 2011 for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is only $430 million. This amount represents less than one 25 of 1% of the government’s discretionary spending according to Ms. Patricia Harrison, CEO & President of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

President Lyndon Johnson explained the value of the creation of  the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in 1967 during the signing of the Public Broadcasting Act. (From Diane Rehm Show Broadcast):


This corporation will assist stations and producers who aim for the best in broadcasting good music and broadcasting exciting plays and broadcasting reports on the whole fascinating range of human activity. It will try to prove that what educates can also be exciting. It will get part of its support from our government, but it will be carefully guarded from government or from party control. It will be free and it will be independent and it will belong to all of our people.

As President Lyndon Johnson said, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting will be independent and belong to all Americans. That is why it is necessary to insure the continued funding of this important public news organization.

Compared to Other Countries, the U.S. Pays a Mere $1.35 per person for public media.

Cost Per Person of Public Media in U.S., UK, Canada & Japan

Cost Per Person of Public Media in U.S., UK, Canada & Japan


It seems like $1.35 per person is a pretty reasonable amount to spend for getting a non-partisan independent news source. Compared to other countries, we’re getting tremendous value for our investment.

What are your thoughts about this issue?

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