The Real Reason Redwing Blackbirds Fell from the Sky in Arkansas

Cat and bird discuss recent blackbird deaths in Arkansas. Photo Credit: Michi with bird by riquard on Flickr cc

Redwing Blackbirds Shocked to Death

Surviving RedWing Blackbird upset about Tim Griffin selection for U.S. House Judiciary Committee. Photo Credit: Shout Out by ibm4381 on flickr cc


Redwing Blackbirds fell from the sky on 12/31/2010-1/1/11. A surviving Redwing Blackbird from the more than 5,000 birds that suddenly dropped from the sky over Beebe, Arkansas, has informed Kitty Reporter that the flock of Redwing Blackbirds were shocked to death when they got wind that Tim Griffin, newly elected Representative from the 2nd District of Arkansas, was slated to be on the U.S. House Judiciary Committee for the 112th Congress as indicated in the Talking Points Memo article. Here’s a timeline from TPM of the Bush-Cheney U.S. Attorney Scandal.

Scientists state that Redwing Blackbirds have the special ability to make their songs heard to only certain other Blackbirds. They have incredibly exceptional hearing skills as well. It turns out that a particular Redwing Blackbird in Washington D.C. overheard then Speaker-elect John Boehner talking about how Tim Griffin should be on the U.S. House Judiciary Committee. This Blackbird came to Arkansas over the Christmas holidays and told his friends and family the news.

The flock of Redwing Blackbirds were so upset that Tim Griffin was going to be on the U.S. House Judiciary Committee that their blood starting clotting in their bodies and they became terribly confused. They started dropping to the earth because they became very disoriented from the horrible news about Tim Griffin.

It turned out that one Redwing Blackbird knew all about Tim Griffin’s vote-caging operations in 2004 because one of his black U.S. military friends who used to feed him had been denied the right to vote. This Redwing Blackbird heard his friend tell his family when he returned from serving his military duty overseas in Iraq that he was denied the right to vote. Someone had sent him a postcard which was returned since he was overseas, and then he was told he was ineligible to vote even though he had filed to have an absentee ballot.

The Redwing Blackbird from Washington D.C. visiting family in Arkansas said he heard one of Boehner’s aides saying it would upset Democrats having Tim Griffin on the U.S. House Judiciary Committee. Monica Goodling who had worked on opposition research for Tim Griffin in 2004 when he worked for the RNC testified before the U.S. House Judiciary Committee in May 2007 about Tim Griffin’s voter caging operations. Ms. Goodling claimed voter caging was merely a “direct mail” term even though it is clear that voter caging operations are designed to “cage voters” so they will be unable to cast a vote and have it counted.

Tim Griffin, a protege of Karl Rove, was installed in former Arkansas Attorney General Bud Cummins position as part of the 9 U.S. Attorney’s who were removed and replaced because they had not prosecuted what the Bush-Cheney Administration considered sufficient number of so-called “voter fraud” cases before the 2004 election and in the run-up to the 2006 election.

Senator Whitehouse Explains Voter Caging

Headzup: Fred Thompson to Hire Cager Tim Griffin

Other Redwing Blackbirds who knew about Tim Griffin were aware of his vote caging operations in the run up to the 2004 election. The outrage in the Redwing Blackbird flock literally caused the Redwing Blackbirds blood to boil and start clotting due to the weather. Only one Redwing Blackbird lived to tell the tale about why his fellow birds all fell from the sky that fateful night.

Linda Sanchez Questions Monica Goodling about U.S. Attorney Scandal, Tim Griffin and Voter Caging Lists

100,000+ Drum Fish Die in Arkansas River

Surviving Arkansas Redwing Blackbird talks to fish in Arkansas River. Photo Credit: Tail Splash by banketaro on flickr cc


Hundreds of thousands of Drum Fish died in the Arkansas River because they too heard the story about how Tim Griffin would be put on both the U.S. House Judiciary Committee and the House Armed Services Committee. The fish were so upset about this that they became very sick and died. The Redwing Blackbird relayed all this information to Kitty Reporter and said he hopes that Tim Griffin is voted out in 2012 because his being on both committees is similar to having the wolf in sheep’s clothing amongst a flock of sheep.

Stay tuned for more updates about this breaking story…

Bush-Cheney Justice Scandal: Political Blacklisting at Justice Dept.

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