The Most Productive Lame-Duck Session since 1960s

The kittens feel safer now that the Senate passed the New START Treaty! Thanks Senators. Good work for America and the world! Photo Credit: Ahhhh...Kittens by ncfc0721 on flickr cc

Senate Republicans break with their Minority Leader and Vote to Ratify the New START Treaty

President Barack Obama said on Dec. 22, 2010:

“This has been a Season of Progress for the American People.”

Presidential Press Conference on a Historic Congressional Session

On Wednesday, Dec. 22, 2010, the Senate ratified the New START Treaty. It is the first time in the history of the United States that an arms control treaty has been ratified during a Democratic Presidential administration.

What is heartening about the passage of the START Treaty is that thirteen Republicans voted their conscience instead of falling in lock-step behind Minority Leader Mitch McConnell who wanted his fellow-Republicans to block the START Treaty.

It would be good for Americans if Republicans and Democrats could continue to put their partisan politics aside for every piece of legislation and focus on what will help all Americans. It is up to the public to remind Congress of this important goal. Working together for the common good of all Americans entails real dialogue and listening to many points of view.

Put Aside the Toxic Talking Points

Americans need Congressional leadership that will benefit them and their children.

When some politicians and pundits poison the political discourse and airwaves with their toxic talking points, Democrats must be able to provide a clear moral alternative to the policies of divisiveness and small-mindedness.

Government is by and for the people. Many Americans have lost their jobs due to no fault of their own. However, some Republicans are scapegoating people who need unemployment assistance at this time while they are searching for work.

As the Congressional Budget Office states, there are strict requirements for who is eligible for unemployment insurance:

“The unemployment insurance program provides temporary income support to some experienced workers who lose their job. People who have been laid off from their job, who have a sufficient recent work history, and who are actively looking for work will generally qualify for UI benefits. People who quit their job or lost their job because of poor performance or misconduct are not generally eligible for UI benefits, nor are people newly entering the labor market or reentering it.”

It is time for Democrats to help Americans clearly understand the role of  good government.

Paul Krugman Talks About How To Stimulate The Economy On The Rachel Maddow Show

The Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) reports show that unemployment insurance is the No. 1 way to boost the economy because it puts money directly into people’s hands so they can pay for goods and services. This keeps the economy going.

In addition the CBO released a document called “Public Spending on Transportation and Water Infrastructure” which states:

“Evidence suggests that spending for carefully selected infrastructure projects can contribute to long-term economic growth by increasing the capital stock and raising productivity. (During a prolonged economic downturn, infrastructure spending can also mitigate losses in output and employment.)”

CNN article indicates the importance of the food stamp program because it gives families money they can use immediately which helps stimulate the economy.

All Americans won with the Senate ratification of the New START Treaty. Republicans, Democrats and Independents came together to vote for the reduction of nuclear weapons. Reductions of nuclear weapons makes the world safer for everyone.

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